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Christmas Food For Dogs - What They Can Eat and Can't

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When it comes to Christmas, we want to enjoy all the mouth-watering, delicious festive foods with family and friends. But what are your plans for your furry friends? What are you giving them in the festive time? 

We are sure you will cook them good recipes which are healthy for them. But what about treats? What kind of treats will you give them? 

Well, still trying to understand, we are here to help you. We will give you a proper delve into the dos and don'ts of Christmas treats and healthy dog food. There are safe delights and things to avoid for dogs, so let's understand. 

Let’s Jump Into the Safe Delight 

There are many safe delights that you can give to your dogs as Christmas treats and give them a good, enjoyable time. 

1. Lean Meat Treats 

You can give them lean meat treats, the treats made from meat, which are also healthy, low in fat and carbohydrates, and then a proper treat meal. This will help them maintain proper health at Christmas and enjoy the tasty organic dog treats.

2. Plain Vegetables

At Christmas time, if you don't want to give them lots of treats, then go for plain vegetables. You can give them healthy boiled vegetables, which will help them balance their diets in the festive times. It will keep your pet healthy and happy during Christmas.

3. Plain, Unsalted Popcorn

What better way to enjoy the festive times than laughing and watching a movie? But you enjoy popcorn, but can you give the same to your dogs? Well, the answer is yes, but not salted one.

You can provide plain, unsalted popcorn to your dogs, and it will be a fun time for you and your pets.

4. Plain Cooked Eggs

Amidst festive times, your pet will enjoy more portions of food, meals, and treats than ever because your friends and family might give them out of love. 

So, to keep them healthy and full, give them plain cooked eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This is a better idea than giving treats to them. 

5. Dog-Friendly Treats

What's a better way to make your pets happy than giving them their favorite treats? Many amazing treats will make your dog's tail wagging.

You can give them treats here and there in small portions to make your pets enjoy the festive times at Christmas.

Things to Avoid During Christmas for Your Dog

In the fun, festive times, you enjoy the good, delicious festive food, but also ensure that your pets are safe and don't eat any of the following. 

1. Avoid the Chocolate 

Like, what's Christmas without any chocolate? I mean chocolate tart, i.e., and just chocolates, which are an obvious food at Christmas time.

But it is extremely harmful to the dogs; ensure that they avoid eating even a piece of chocolate. Keep the chocolates away from your pet's reach

1. Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and Raisins are healthy, and we enjoy eating them at Christmas. But it is not the same healthy for dogs.

The acids in the fruits are harmful to dogs; they might cause allergies or health issues. So keep them out of fruit reach and give them only healthy food for pets.

2. Avoid Onions and Garlic

The onions and garlic make your meals tasty and delicious, but it doesn't help the same way. The onions and garlic are extremely harmful to your dogs.

Avoid eating them a kibble of your food, so they don't eat a small taste of these ingredients.

3. Bones

We have been taught that the bone treats are healthy for dogs. But not the actual bones. We have meals for Christmas which have bones in them. 

So, you need to keep your pets away from it, or if you want to give them your food, take out the bone and not let the small part go into their stomach. 

4. Alcohol

Regarding festive times, we eat, gather together, and drink sometimes. So, in all these fun times, we might leave alcohol bottles unnoticed, and our pet can get in contact with them.

And as we know, alcohol is a BIG NO for pet consumption. It is way too harmful for them, so keep the alcohol way out of reach of pets. 

To Sum Up 

  • Review the significance of watching out for your dog's diet when celebrating Christmas.
  • Dog owners should seek advice from a veterinarian before adding any new items to their dog's diet.
  • Instruct readers to prioritize their pets' health and safety above all else, even though spending memorable times with them is lovely.


Don't forget to stress the value of moderation, seek advice from a veterinarian, and use caution when adding new items to a dog's diet. Including recipes or links to websites endorsed by veterinarians can significantly enhance the blog post.

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