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The Gas Bubble Disease In Freshwater Fishes

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What is a gas bubble disease?

Gas bubble disease is the kind of disease where bubbles get stuck in your fish’s eyes or skin. Initially, small bubbles collect which are known as microbubbles. These then go on to form bigger bubbles. The key to eliminate this disease is to identify it at an early stage. These can also enter the internal organs. The gas present in the bubbles is nitrogen. The bubbles can also consist of oxygen or carbon dioxide. 

Symptoms of the Gas Bubble disease

The symptoms of this disease are bubbles that will be visible in the corner of the eye. The bubbles that might be trapped within the skin will look like a lump. These bubbles can cause tissue degradation. Most of the time, fishes have external and internal bubbles both. The clarity of the water in your aquarium might also reduce. Observe the aquarium and your fishes closely for any chance of irregularities. 

What are the causes of the Gas Bubble Disease?

One of the most common Gas Bubble diseases is that the filtration gets disrupted. A tiny hole can trap the bubbles inside. If you have a creative fish environment, it is possible that the waterfall feature might result in increased bubbles leading to this condition. If the temperature of the water is warm and it changes, it is possible that bubbles might form because of the change in pressure in the gases. A significant change might increase the chances of this. An increase in salinity in the water could also be a cause of the said disease. An increase in salinity causes supersaturation in the water. And takes us the space that exists for the gases. 

In order to prevent the Gas Bubble disease in your fishes, you need to make sure that the plumbing and filter requirements are fulfilled and you are not treating them casually. The water level must be at a certain height which is appropriate. Top off whenever required without forgetting. Check the temperature and make sure that there is not a massive difference when changed. 

How is the Gas Bubble Disease treated?

This disease can be noticed in three stages. The pressure change causes bubbles, this can affect the metabolic and functional system. If it progresses without bringing change in time, it can cause complete dysfunction or death. The treatment for the Gas Bubble disease is related to the way it is caused. Once you identify the cause, it is very important to eliminate it. The disease can get worse if the cause is not eliminated right away. You need to get all the animals that are present in your aquarium even if you notice a problem with one. The veterinarian will remove the bubbles using needles and antibiotic therapy is also available. 

This is everything you need to know about the Gas Bubble disease. You can purchase the best aquarium filter media that there is to avoid issues with your filter. Check it regularly. These few steps could save your fish from getting sick! 

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