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Pet Toys: How Important Are They?

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Playtime can be considered as one of the most important aspects of your pet’s routine. However, some pet owners might feel like it is unnecessary to spend on getting your pet toys. While your pets might end up using them out too soon. Different types of toys can benefit your pets differently. For example, interactive toys can help in cognitive development whereas toys such as chewers can be beneficial for your pet when in the teething stage. So how important are pet toys? Let us find out.

Good sleep: Now hear me out, your pet, especially your dog might need walks through the day. But if you have an active pet, while it is fun on most days it can also be tiring sometimes. However, when you offer them toys to play with, their brain also becomes tired because of the mental stimulation. This can give them sound sleep, and you some time off from pet-parent duty.

Soothing or comfort toys: Not all toys will increase the excitement and activity factor in your pet. Certain dogs are mainly meant for comfort and calming them down. These kinds of toys can also work as emotional support toys for your pets. Dogs do tend to get anxious sometimes and toys like these could provide peace to them. You can also take these toys to travel destinations where a new environment exists and bring them a sense of comfort in such stimulation.

Toys for training: One of the most common benefits of dog toys is being able to train them using the toys in a very fun manner. This is similar for the cats as well. Reward toys are the kind of toys that make a particular sound, appealing to your pets. This can help you make them more active and alert at the same time. 

Building a relationship: Forming a bond with your dog does not merely include giving them treats and cuddling with them. You can improve your relationship with your pet by playing with them as well! While you can play without using toys, using interactive toys can also help you. These games could include games such as fetch and play.

Chewing toys: When your pet is in the teething stage, they might be irritating and just like kids, would prefer to have toys that they can chew to get rid of the irritation. It is not only helpful to have toys then, but also very important especially at this stage of their lives.

Both dogs and cats are canine and feline animals respectively. You can get cat toys and cheap dog toys online quite easily. The instincts as canine and feline animals might be to hunt. This instinct is stronger for feline species that are cats. Having different kinds of toys can help them to stay engaged in playing and also develop their cognitive skills as mentioned above. Some of these toys help them act on their instincts.

However, if you are someone who cannot afford to buy dog toys quite often, it is also possible for you to make DIY toys at home. We have a guide for that. However, it is important to engage them with toys and include them in their playtimes. You might laze around for a few days and skip playing altogether but that can significantly affect their mood and overall well-being as well. Inactive pets might not be as mentally happy and can become obese over time. Obesity is a rising concern in pets. 

Make sure you incorporate different types of toys and keep improving your collection as your pet ages. In different life stages, it will need different kinds of toys! 

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