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Fall Grooming Tips for Your Pet

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When the cooler or dryer of fall and winter comes, it will change in nature, behavior, and physical and mental changes in dogs. It will create many problems in the dog's health and well-being. As humans, we change lifestyles as the season changes, and it requires the same amount of attention and special care for pets in the fall season. Also, the fall season will excite you as a pet owner to groom your furry friends, take care of them, and give them medications for better health in the fall season. Here, we will provide some fantastic fall tips to groom your pets this season. 

1. Brushing and Shedding Control

Brushing and Shedding Control

Fall is notorious for the shedding season in almost every dog breed, particularly with thick coats. Brushing and shedding help remove the dirt, spreading the natural oil through the coat and preventing tangles. Brushing and shedding keep the skin clean and irritate-free. This also promotes good stimulation circulation. So, buy a good, high-quality brush suitable for your pets. Regular brushing helps reduce the amount of hair in your home in the fall season. Here at Kwik Pets, we have some amazing brushes and other pet grooming products. Regular brushing is the best exercise to groom your pets in this season. 

2. Bathing and Skincare

Bathing and Skincare

The season of fall makes the weather muddy and wet. This surely leads to dirty and irritated skin on pets. Ensure your pet's coat remains dry and clean by giving them a warm bath using gentle, pet-specific shampoo. The ASPCA mentioned bathing your dog at least once or twice a month in the fall. This frequent bath reduces skin problems in dogs, and they can also enjoy more time outdoors in the fun season. 

3. Flea and Tick Prevention 

Flea and Tick Prevention

When the weather drops, the temperature becomes more relaxed. And in this cold wind breeze of Autumn, there is a rise of fleas and tick problems. The dogs will likely get fleas and ticks while playing this season. Yes, it is a crucial problem for pet owners in this season. So, it is essential to mark flea and tick prevention by using flea and ticks products. The pets can remain active well into this season. Consult your veterinarian for the most effective prevention methods to safeguard your pet against fleas and tick parasites. 

4. Trimming Nails 

Trimming Nails

The nails in pets are their sensitive body parts. Also, more for pets like cats and dogs. The nails also play an important role in a pet's overall health and wellness. In the season of fall, it is advised to trim your pet's nails regularly as they need to prevent health issues. If your pets have long nails, it can lead to pain, discomfort, and potential injury to pets. In autumn, the dust of leaves, wet dirt, or mud can be a major nail problem in pets. Regularly trim pet nails in the fall season and maintain their comfort and good health. 

5. Ear and Eye Cleaning 

Ear and Eye Cleaning

Fall comes with great moisture and humidity to create a perfect, cozy environment for us. But it could be more problematic for the pets. The dirt and mud built in the environments are troublesome for pet owners. The dogs will lick, chewy, smell, or search all the unwanted things, and this causes ear and eye infections this season. Check your pet's ears and eyes regularly for signs of redness, wax buildup, or dirt. Use ear and eye pet cleaner and clean your pet's ears and eyes to keep them healthy. 

6. Dental Care

Dental Care for dogs

Dental health care for pets is important in all seasons. However, in the fall times, we need to be extra careful with pets' dental health in this time. As we have mentioned, the environment plays a significant role in triggering pet diseases. This season can lead to various dental health problems in pets. It is crucial to maintain a regular teeth cleaning routine for your pets in the autumn season. Consider dental toys, chews, toothbrushes, and other products to maintain dental hygiene. These products are designed with extra care to keep your pet's teeth clean and fresh. 

7. Coat Insulation 

Coat Insulation for dogs

In the fall season, the pets are adequately insulated. Pets with short hair naturally have a thin coat tendency. And this cold season gives them health problems of cold, fever, dryness or more. Consider buying a relaxed and cozy pet sweater and jacket to keep the pet warm during outdoor activities and walks. Give them comfortable clothes that fit your short, cute furry friend so they can enjoy their fall times. 

8. Keep Paws and Pads Warm 

Keep Paws and Pads Warm

In the warm weather, the ground creates soreness and dryness in dogs' paws, which is not very harmful for dogs. But in fall times, the cold sidewalks and salty roads are more problematic for dogs. The season makes the paws and pads dry and creates a problem of skin diseases. It is important to clean the paws and surrounding hair. In the fall times, the soreness in the pads can crack and bleed the dog's paws. So, as pet parents, we need to keep regular checks on pets' paws and pads. 


Remember that regular grooming and care are essential for your pet's well-being as you and your pet get ready to enjoy the splendor of the fall season. You can ensure that your furry friend is comfortable, healthy, and happy throughout this season of change by adhering to these fall grooming suggestions. Your cherished pet will show gratitude to you with love, devotion, and a wagging tail if you keep it clean and well-groomed.

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