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Do Dogs Need Life Jackets?

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Most dogs swim very well, so why is a life jacket necessary? You probably know how to swim well too. Otherwise, you wouldn't be on the water on your paddle board or in your boat. But if something were to happen in the water, you could be required to swim for a long time and possibly even be injured.

All dogs that go out into the water must wear a life jacket, which is essential in certain breeds. This is the case for dogs with low body fat (less buoyancy), older dogs, and dogs with known health problems.

Does your dog love to accompany you on the high seas? Some dogs always accompany you on your exciting nautical adventures, but it is essential to equip your dog with the right jacket to keep him safe. 

Just like adults and children need life jackets, dogs need them too. Keep the following in mind when shopping for and choosing a life jacket for your pet.

And if this happens even in a swimming pool, in more extensive and wilder waters, you want to be sure that your best friend is as safe as possible. Whenever you go out, most dogs only have one thing on their mind: to be as close to you as possible. At any cost because they are very loyal companions. Then it is your task to keep them safe in any circumstance.

For safety, it is recommended to have a dog life jacket when in or near the water. Activities like swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, or going out in a boat, canoe, or kayak should include a life jacket, as accidents can happen to even the best swimmers. 

The risk increases with colder temperatures when your dog swims longer distances or in deep or moving water.

– Even a healthy dog ​​should wear a life jacket. Also, a fit dog can have cramps when swimming.

In distress, a dog will often drop its rear end and quickly disappear below the water's surface. The life jacket for dogs will help keep your loved one afloat and reduce the risk of drowning.

Having your dog wear a life jacket can also increase his safety. The life jacket makes it easier to handle your dog in an emergency. This is particularly important if you have multiple dogs with you. The support of a life jacket also makes swimming less strenuous for your dog, allowing him to swim longer distances.

The dog leather jacket is for safety and as part of the training routine. There are dogs with different conditions, dogs that are not natural swimmers, and dogs of different ages that need the added support of a life jacket.

When introducing a dog to the water for the first time, a life jacket will give him a positive experience with the new item by giving him extra support and stability. This helps lay the foundation for great fun for years to come!

How to choose the best dog life jacket?

When you start looking for a dog life jacket, you'll realize that there are many more on the market than you might initially think. Finding the right vest for your dog can be daunting if you don't have a good idea of ​​what life jackets are out there.

Dog life jackets should be snug-fitting and fit close to your dog's body to prevent it from shifting as your dog moves through the water. This is the first thing Line looks for when choosing a life jacket.

– It is also essential that the life jacket allows the dog to move freely.

In addition, Marianne looks for functional features such as a handle to lift or assist the dog if necessary and multiple leash attachment points, allowing her to adjust resistance or direction.

Life jackets for dogs are usually very bulky and make movement difficult. We also had difficulty finding a life jacket that would give our dogs buoyancy and stability in the water. 

During hot summer days, there is also a risk of overheating by wearing a vest that is too thick.

Chest Size: Fold a tape measure around the fullest part of the chest (often just behind the front legs) and record its size. Most dog life jackets use this number to determine the vest size.

Neck Size: This is not often asked when buying a dog life jacket, but just in case: Measure the size of the bottom of the neck near the shoulders.

Back length: You can measure the back length from where the neck meets the shoulders to about 5 cm from the tail.

Weight: Sometimes, they also ask us for the dog's weight. It is related to the buoyancy and the load capacity of the handle where to grab it. Pick up your dog and step on the scale together, then subtract your weight from the total, and you'll know your dog's weight.

Overall, investing in a high-quality dog life jacket is a small price to pay for the peace of mind and protection it provides for your furry friend. So, choosing the best dog life jacket for your beloved pet is always better to keep them safe and comfortable.

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