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Are Vitamins & Supplements Good For Dogs?

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Ever wondered, what are the best dog vitamins that should be fed to pooches? Are dog vitamins and supplements beneficial for furry pets? Every living organism requires proper nutritional balance & metabolism to keep them strong, healthy, and stable. Similarly, dogs too require a proper intake of multivitamins to have a healthy life. Multivitamins are complements that incorporate vitamins, minerals, and nutrient-dense ingredients that help to lay a healthy lifestyle. Thus it is very important to feed proper vitamins and nutrients that will maintain proper metabolism in canines.

Why Dog Vitamins and Supplements Are Required?

Unlike humans, dogs don’t get all the required nutrients & vitamins from their food. Thus, additional dog supplements are necessary to keep them fit, healthy and strong. Most of the time, it is presumed that dog or pup is getting all the required nutrients and vitamins from the food he is eating. Even though it is the food that is prepared at home by taking extra care of the diet that should be given to the dogs doesn’t contain the balanced amount of multivitamins required for a dog to lay a healthy life. However, it is not all true, multivitamins are not automatically get synthesized from the food in the body. Hence, feeding some additional dog medical supplies is required to maintain the overall health in check of our furry pets.

The reason behind the requirement of additional vitamins for dogs is the vitamins that are taken with a balanced food diet help to increase a dog’s capacity to fight against any health issues. Whereas supplements provide an alert of an attack on a dog’s health.

Does age & size need to be considered for feeding multivitamins to a pooch?

Similar to humans, different stages of a dog’s life require different intakes of multivitamins. Hence your dog’s age, height, weight, health, and size are important factors to be considered while choosing the best probiotics for dogs.


There are ample dog food brands available in the marketplace that are made specifically using all the required ingredients that help to provide well-balanced nutrition to the canine companions and are often labeled as “complete & balanced”. You should check it once before giving it to pets because even if it contains complete nutritional balance, every pet’s nutritional requirements are different. Hence, if one food is perfect for a pet, it might not be that much beneficial for another one. Also, it could lead to serious health issues if the doggy gets too much of a certain vitamin.

It’s also found that most food brands claim to provide all required nutrients in their food products. However, that is not always true. The reason might be the vitamins are synthetic and are not easily absorbed by the food that your dog is having. 

It’s always recommended to consult your Veterinarian once before feeding any vitamin supplements to your dog or pup as too much intake might prove harmful to the pet’s health. Also, complete details along with proper dosage guidelines are mentioned on every vitamin box or packet. You can also get complete dosage guidelines from your veterinarian as per your dog’s weight, health, size, life stage, and lifestyle to get complete knowledge of what is required to keep your pooch healthy, happy, and strong.

What are the benefits of dog multivitamins?

Feeding your pet with dog vitamins & supplements provides various benefits to keep them fit, healthy and robust. Here are some benefits of feeding your pet with canine supplements:

  • Immunity: It helps to build a strong immune system in the pet’s body to prevent any illness. As immunity plays a vital role in maintaining metabolism to have a healthy lifestyle and easy recovery from any illness.
  • Joint Pain: Helps in decreasing pain by delivering flexibility & stimulates better joint mobility.
  • Skin & Coat: Who doesn’t like to keep their furry pets' fur shiny and thicker. Multivitamins provide healthier skin with shinier coats to furry pets. 
  • Energy: Boosts vitality and prevents lethargy
  • Digestive Health: Multivitamins help to maintain a better digestive system by removing bad bacteria from our canine companion’s body. 

  • While these vitamins and supplements have various benefits, some might prove harmful to your dog’s health if taken in excessive amounts. Here is the list of a few dog vitamins & supplements that might be toxic to your canine’s health:

  • Xylitol: Some chewable and sugar-free supplements contain xylitol which results in low blood sugar levels if ingested and might cause liver failure. 

  • Vitamin D: It caused aloft calcium levels in the body if ingested and might even cause kidney failure. 

  • Iron: Excessive intake leads to severe vomiting and diarrhea.

  • Which multivitamins should be fed to canines?

    There is a different requirement for every dog or pup based on age, size, weight, and life stage. Here is the list of a few important vitamins for dogs to have a healthy, strong & fit lifestyle.

    Vitamin C & E: It helps to provide an adequate amount of antioxidants to a dog’s body that helps in maintaining proper neurological function.

    Vitamin K: Provides proteins to bones and helps with the activation of clotting factors.

    Fish Oil: It helps in reducing heart issues, itchiness & flaky skin. Helps in relieving joint pain.

    Vitamin B2 & B3: Helps in enzyme operations. 

    Vitamin B6: Generates ample amount of Glucose in dogs’ bodies & takes care of hormone regulation.

    Folic Acid: It harmonizes proteins & maintains proper metabolism. 

    It is always recommended to choose multivitamins that are made particularly for canine companions with a blend of special nutrients required for their health. There are ample dog supplements available in the marketplace. But one should be very careful before feeding it to pets and it is always recommended to consult a Vet once to get the exact idea of how and what to feed your pets.

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