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Are Chew Toys Good For Puppies?

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Deciding which dog toys to give your pooch that will keep them happy and engaged seems to be a tough task. Best chewy dog treats, Puppy toys, and dog toys are also great sources to increase the bond between you and your pets. These toys also help them with maintaining their physical as well as mental health. Dogs tend to explore everything through their mouth. If you are planning to adopt a new dog or puppy as your pet, there are some things you should consider to take proper care of your pet. 

Since dogs love to chew and wish to satisfy their instincts of chewing by gnawing everything they get. Due to this, they land up tearing or breaking most things that are provided to them. Hence, dog and puppy toys should be selected in such a way that they will not easily get destroyed if they chew hard. Selecting the best indestructible toys for dogs will help one to prevent any unwanted injury or harm as sometimes pets end up ingesting broken pieces of toys that may even cause serious injuries to their internal organs.

Are chew toys good for puppies? 

The teething period is painful for every puppy and it becomes stressful for them due to not being able to eat or sleep properly. Teething is hurting, so your canine requires ways to relieve the distress of aching gums. Thus, the best puppy chew toys play a vital role in this duration. Whether you’re supporting your pup through teething, instructing good behaviors, or just even appreciating playtime, good quality, age, and size-suitable toys are as necessary to dog development as exercise and training.

There are varieties of teething toys to soothe your puppy during painful times. This will also help them in training them that what to chew or what not to chew. Doesn't matter which toy you choose for your pooch, it’s essential to manage them when they play. Also, make sure to inspect the toys periodically to make sure your puppy hasn’t munched off any pieces. While doing so, ensure to discard your puppy’s toy if it seems to be approaching its breaking point.

What are the things that need to be considered when selecting the best puppy chew toys? 

While selecting the best chew toys for puppies to soothe their teething period needs varieties. As assortments entice different pet’s attention and every pet finds their interest in different toys. Here is the list of a few things that need to be taken care of while selecting toys for dogs or puppies:

Texture: Canines get bored easily if supplied with identical types of toys. Thus, it is recommended to try different toys made from different textures like extra furry, fluffy,  leathery, rubbery, etc. to get a complete idea of which types of toys attract your pooch's interest much. 

Durable: Would you like it if you buy a new toy for your dog and it ended up broken within 5 minutes? No one like to get such destructible toys. Thus, selecting the best quality highly durable toys is very important to protect your pet from any injury.

Variety: Pets require varieties in their toys and providing the same type of toys may lose interest. If you provide your puppy toys that are plush stuffed toys with squeakers your canine will get exhausted in rush. 

Interactive/ Puzzle: Toys for dogs are very essential not only to taking care of their physical health but also to maintaining their mental health as well. Hence, interactive toys are very helpful to keep pets engaged and contented. 

Some best puppy chew toys

Here is a list of some best puppy toys that will help to provide relief to the pooch in the teething period and also help you to keep your pets happy, engaged, etc.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Soft Bone 

Just like human babies, fur babies also encounter distress during the teething period. Nylabone's Puppy Chew Bone works best in that situation. It is produced with soft, puppy-friendly material to please teething pooches. This bone is created to facilitate favorable play and train your puppy to restorative chewing practices from a premature age to benefit them while they grow up. 

Made with scrumptious flavors to provide canines with an enjoyable gnawing experience that relieves their gums and gladdens their taste buds. Along with this, it also supports clean teeth and controls tartar buildup for dental health from the start. It is recommended to not provide this chew bone to aggressive chewers as it is a soft bone made for small puppies. 

Petstages Cool Teething Stick Dog Toy

The Cool Teething Stick by Petstages is a great solution to be used for teething puppies and dogs with inflamed gums. It contains a colorful cotton-poly combination material and stuffed interior making freezing and reusing this toy a cinch. Before providing it to the pup simply soak it in water, put it in the freezer, and release once frozen. Your pup will relish the delicate, icy comfort and crunchy surface that this firm teething stick supplies to their achy gums. Fun streamers and stripe end add more fun and surface to chew on. This toy is completely free of phthalates and lead. 

Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Pacifier

Every pooch requires a pacifier to relieve teething discomfort and organize their chompers for a life loaded with chews and treats. The Puppy Teething Pacifier chew toy is assembled with textured, soft, puppy-friendly material to fulfill the chewing needs of teething pups. It is developed to uphold your dog entertained, this toy stimulates favorable chewing practices from a young age. Featuring dental nubs, this puppy pacifier encourages dental health, and hygienic teeth, and prevents tartar buildup. 

There are varieties of different dog toys and puppy toys available in the market that helps in providing great mental as well as physical health to your pooch. Kwik Pets always thrive to serve the best quality products that are required for your canine companions. Here you get all brands of high-quality dog food that help in maintaining their overall health in check. Click here to check out the products available here that will make your pooch dance out of happiness. 

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