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7 Common Dog Health Problems

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When you have a pet dog there are various things to consider and take care of. Health is naturally one of the most important aspects. Certain health problems are quite common when it comes to dogs and you can keep them in mind, and be careful!


  • Skin problems: It is common for dogs to experience various skin diseases. The signs of any skin issue might be scratching or itching. You might also see some amount of irritation. If you notice changes in the skin such as redness, flaking, or anything abnormal, this could also be an indication of a skin condition. This could be due to parasites or even other conditions. Get it checked.


  • Vomiting or diarrhea: There might be times when your dog might face both of these symptoms together where diarrhea is followed by vomiting. While vomiting might quite happen, you must not ignore it as a pet parent. It can be due to digestion issues, or even acidity. If along with constant vomiting your dog experiences other symptoms, go to a veterinarian. 


  • Diarrhea also might occur on its own or can be accompanied by other symptoms such as vomiting itself. Constant diarrhea could lead to dehydration and might be the time to visit a doctor.


  • Arthritis: Another common health problem that dogs face is arthritis. It is extremely common in older dogs. As your dog ages, you might notice that their movement is getting slower, or is less active. It can be hard to identify symptoms of arthritis so it is better if you could be observant and share your concerns with your doctor.


  • Obesity: Obesity is a common problem that is observed in dogs. While some owners tend to take it lightly, it is important to understand that it can also be prevented. If you make sure to play with your dogs and provide them the right kind of food, this can be avoided. Obesity should not be taken lightly and could also lead to serious conditions such as heart problems if progressed.


  • Ear infections: If you are someone who has a pet or has friends that have pets, you might be aware that ear infections fall in the category of the most common health concerns that dogs face. This can happen because they scratch their ears a lot or might shake their cute heads too much. Not only these can be painful, if not treated they could lead to serious problems. If your dog seems to have an infection for over two days, visit the doctor. 


  • Fleas and ticks: Fleas and ticks can even be called the most common problem that a dog might face. You can use the best flea and ticks medication and get them treated in most cases. However, there are certain ticks that can be extremely serious such as paralysis ticks. Make sure you always maintain hygiene and do not slack back on it.


  • UTIs: UTI s or Urinary Tract Infections are also common amongst dogs. This issue also often goes unidentified and gets classified as lack of training or just bad behavior. However, that might not be the case. Your dog might just have a UTI. The common symptoms for UTI include frequent urination, a higher need for water, or even blood in the urine. You should just make sure by going to a doctor if these symptoms seem familiar.


These are the most common health problems that dogs tend to face sometimes early in their life stages or as they grow older. Observing your dog’s behavior and needs every day can save you from delaying any diagnosis. 


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