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Why Is Bird Grooming Important?

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Trying to search for the best bird grooming supplies or finding complete details about what grooming supplies are required to make your birds look more attractive? Pet birds regularly clean and groom themselves because similar to feline pets, birds too like to keep themselves clean and groomed. Bird Grooming seems to be a tough task as it will be stressful for them sometimes. Thus, it is always better to take them to professional ones until you are confident enough to groom them at home. 

Why Is Bird Grooming Important?

When it comes to wild birds, they take care of themselves with their natural daily activities. Hence their talons, feathers, beaks, etc., are always in good condition and well maintained. However, pet birds are dependent on their owners to take care of them due to the ease & comfort they are getting like they don’t have to do anything to get food and much more. Due to this, it is difficult for them to stay well-groomed. 

Like wild birds have their talons and bills in proper shape due to their daily activities of searching for food, cracking, create own shelter, and several other things. Whereas pet birds get soft food, bite-size food for which they do not have to do anything extra. Pet birds also don’t have to face any climate change cycles or migration or any other issues that help wild birds to be well maintained and in shape. In order to remove unwanted or inadequate water from the pet bird’s bills, talons, feathers, and nails grooming a bird is required. 

Which Bird Grooming Supplies Are Required?

There are several tasks required to keep your pet bird’s overall health and the grooming part in prime condition. Every pet bird's requirement to keep themselves groomed up is different. Hence one must consult a professional groomer or bird veterinarian once to learn the best grooming techniques to match a particular bird’s personality and need. Here are some of the grooming practices that will be helpful in bird grooming & bathing. 

Bathing: Bird Grooming Bathing is one of the vital parts of grooming a bird. Try misting birds lightly with a spray bottle that will trigger their preening intuitions, or you can also provide a shallow water dish or water bath bird dish they can splash in as it is easily available in the marketplace. You can also purchase it directly from the Kwik Pets website by searching it as Bird Grooming Bathing Supplies. The water should be kept warm, fresh, and clean. There is no requirement for soaps, conditioners, or other chemicals as they might cause harm or irritation to the pets. 

Beak Trimming: A bird's beak is overgrown sometimes as it requires regular trimming because an overgrown beak makes it more difficult for a bird to eat or preen appropriately. For this, you can provide harder foods or toys or even cuttlebone for the pet bird to chew on as this will help them to keep its beak in proper shape.

Nails & Talon Trimming: As pet birds don’t do much natural daily activity like they don’t have to work for getting food like wild birds their nails sometimes become longer and more grown-up. A bird’s talon is important for performing several activities like walking around the cage, climbing, perching, etc. These all need to be trimmed properly as they might cause scratches or other injuries. 

When it comes to trimming the nails of birds, the probability is very less as a very calm bird might let you clip their nails, however, most times it needs to be done by professionals. It’s recommended to visit a professional for trimming nails and talons if you are not much comfortable restraining & clipping your bird’s nails as it might cause harm to both.

Dusting: Many Pet Bird Food enjoy dusting as their grooming part by rolling or splashing around fine dust or sand. This helps in absorbing body oils by keeping their skin & feathers in good condition.

Regardless of the type of grooming you perform using bird grooming supplies, it is always recommended to not perform any grooming if the bird is stressed or sick as this may worsen the conditions and cause harm to the pet and even you. It is important to ensure that the bird’s cage must be always clean. Try to remove spilled food, shed feathers, soiled bedding, and all unwanted things from the cage to make it look more attractive by keeping your bird healthy, happy and stable.

Kwik Pets is the one-stop-shop for all bird grooming supplies and other products you require to keep your bird’s health at its best.

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