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Top 5 Dental Treats For Cats in 2024

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We all freshen our breath daily, but grab a minute and think, why does your cat have bad breath? You do everything for their well-being, but what is the reason for bad breath despite brushing their teeth twice a month? The answer is dental treats for cats.

The dental treats for cats are helpful to keep their breath fresh, gums and teeth strong, and maintain oral hygiene. There are many of the best dental treats for cats, such as greenies, temptation, and more. These treats come in various crunchy, minty flavors. It contains active ingredients that help clean cats' teeth and maintain healthy gums.

The treats are not only to support oral health but also serve as a reward for your pet. Dental treats help to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Here, we will guide you on how dental treats work, how to choose the best dental treats for cats, and the top cat dental treats.

How Do Dental Treats For Cats Work

Many of the best dental treats for cats are labeled as the most effective treat. But hardly anyone knows how cat dental treats work. Here, we will answer you on the mechanical chewing action of food items with a strong texture and provide a partial removal of daily plaque accumulation. The cats start with a total of 30 adult teeth. The cat teeth are pointed and lack a flat occlusal surface there are teeth. 

Cats are carnivores, which means they need protein in their diet. In the wild, some cats might not be able to chew. Their sharp, pointed teeth are primarily for killing and helping the proper and the prey to the back along with the tongues assistance.

Moreover, the household companion cat is used to small kibble and cannot swallow the whole treat. These dental treats provide more surface area for abrasive cleaning action on the tooth surface. It is important to understand that cat dental treats and diet are not beneficial for the incisor or canine teeth. Use the treats that are suitable for your cats without any problem.

Tips for Choosing The Best Cat Dental Treat 

One of the important questions we have as pet parents is: what are the best cat dental treats? Answering that question will give you the parameters for choosing the best dental cat treats. 

  • Ingredients Matter: Avoid using treats with artificial flavors and fillers. Opt for the best dental treats for cats and other benefits without artificial ingredients. 
  • Age Appropriate: Not all treats are suitable for every cat; their age matters most in selecting the best dental cat treats. Give them treats that are appropriate for their age. 
  • Consult a Vet: Getting the vet's insights is essential, especially if your cat has dental or any other health problem. 

What are the Top Dental Treats for Cats? 

To answer the most common question, what are the best cat dental treats? We have picked our Top 5 cat treats for dental health and overall well-being. 

1. Greenies

greenies cat treats

Greenies dental treats for cats are among the most well-known cat treats. It helps to clean the teeth, remove plaque, reduce tartar buildup, and combat the dead tuna breath.

2. Temptation

Temptations Cat Treats

The temptation is the 100% nutritional and completely balanced treat. The irresistible taste and unique shapes help in maintaining oral hygiene. It has less than two calories.

3. N-Bone Cat Chew Treat

N-Bone Cat Chew Treats

These natural, long-lasting, chewy sticks help cats greatly with vision, digestion, heart muscle function, and building a healthy immune system. It also helps in removing plaque and tartar in cats.

4. Emerald Pet

Emerald Pet

The emeralds are amazing grain-free treats for your cats. It is a flavored treat with chicken, tuna, and turkey. The ingredients used in it are healthy for cats' digestive system and chewing. This treat excellence supports cats' oral hygiene.  

5. Dental Life

The Purina Dental Life's treats are scientifically proven to reduce tartar buildup. Its crunchy texture allows the tooth to penetrate more easily, surrounding it all on the sides for a safe and effective cleaning.

Benefits of Cat Dental Treats

  • Oral Health Boost: Dental treats reduce plaque and tartar buildup. 
  • Freshens Breath: Treats help combat bad breath in cats.
  • Improved Chewing: Promotes healthy chewing habits and stronger teeth
  • Tasty Rewards: Helps as a delicious reward while training and maintaining hygiene.

What About Homemade Cat Dental Treats?

Homemade dental treats help greatly in maintaining cats' oral health. Many cat owners occasionally feed raw bones to remove the tartar buildup, although some risks exist. Unlike any regular cat food, the meaty raw bones force your cats to use their jaws to gnaw and tear. 

It helps consume carbohydrates and other supplements, so you must be careful when giving homemade cat dental treats. Sometimes, bones create problems in pets, such as choking or bacterial infection. Cook the homemade food precisely and give them food in portions for better health benefits. 

Final Words

The state of your cat's teeth is just as vital as any other component of their overall health. Dental treats for cats are a simple and efficient way to support dental health in addition to routine brushing and veterinary examinations.

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