How Do You Get Rid of Cat Bad Breath?

How Do You Get Rid of Cat Bad Breath?

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When the alarm snoozes and as we wake up, we feel the bad breath from us, and to remove it, we brush and gargle. But what about our feline friends? Have you thought about how important oral hygiene is for our cats?

If your cat's foul breath causes you to recoil in fear, you should attempt to address the issue. The most frequent reasons for foul breath in cats include oral hygiene issues, underlying medical conditions, and dietary issues. You may simply apply the remedies to all of these issues.

Because most of us have experienced the cat bad breath problem, let's delve into the issue of bad breath in cats and how to help them with routine care.

What Causes Bad Breath in Cats

There are multiple reasons for bad breath in cats. To help you understand its reasons, we will narrow down all the possibilities and list out the most common causes.

1. Periodontal Disease

When plaque and tartar build-up in teeth, it causes periodontal disease. This creates bacteria in the cat's mouth and can cause infection and tooth decay.

If left untreated, it smells like rotten eggs and enters the cat's bloodstream, causing even more severe health problems.

2. Stuck Foreign Objects

Cats often get something stuck in their mouth, such as chunks of food, strings, stuffing from toys, etc.

And these lodged things stay between their teeth for a while, and they develop a bad smell. You may also notice the signs of drooling and difficulty eating by cats.

3. Gastrointestinal Problems

Bad breath in cats can be a sign of stomach issues. These are more likely to cause other health issues like vomiting, drooling, and changes in behavior; you can get the idea that the cat has bad breath. Other conditions include hairballs, eating nonedible objects, food allergies, and more.

4. Health Problems

In cats, many underlying health problems can cause halitosis, including - diabetes, ulcers, liver diseases, infections, and more.

Better monitor their dental and oral hygiene to keep them healthy and avoid these health problems.

5. Eating Something Smelly

If the cats are scavenging in the garbage or eating something dead, it will create a temporary foul smell.

If your cat is getting into mischief and smelling bad, wait a day or two to see if it clears up. If the smell is gone, understand it's a foul smell; if not, it is a health issue.

How To Get Rid of Bad Cat Breathe

There are many ways to get rid of bad breath in cats. Here is the answer to the question of how to treat bad breath in cats.

1. Brush Your Cat's Teeth

Brushing the cat's teeth is the best way to keep your cat away from bad breath. These help prevent the plaque and Tatar from building up in the cat's mouth.

The less Tatar, the less plaque and less decay in cats. It keeps your cat's breath fresh. There are especially cat-designed toothbrushes, which help pet parents greatly in brushing their cat's teeth. Aim to brush thrice weekly when your cat is relaxed and comfortable.

2. Quality Water

Water quality is one of the basic reasons and answers to why my cat has bad breath. Water quality is one of the primary reasons and answers why my cat has bad breath.

There are dental water additives, a great solution many cat parents don't know. Like cat toothbrushes, treats, and other effective solutions, dental water additives are as useful as all of these.

All you need to do is add the solution to the water bowl and give it to the cats. Use it preferably once after being recommended by the vet only.

3. Try Dental Chews and Toys

Dental treats for cats are one of the most effective ways to keep your cat's breath fresh. And likewise goes for cat toys.

It also helps in removing plaque and tartar in pets. Every cat is different, though, so you need to experiment with cat dental treats and toys to see which is preferable for them.

Monitor their health changes by using these treats and toys to see the more beneficial and natural way for cats to keep their teeth clean and breathe fresh.

4. Gave Your Cat Proper Diet

In the midst of how to get rid of cat bad breath, give your cat a proper diet. Many believe raw and canned food is the primary reason cats have bad breath.

So, it is important to give them high-quality cat food. The high-protein food filled with real meat and lots of water will help the cats keep hydrated and avoid bad breath.

A dry mouth can lead to bad breath, so it is ideal to give them a nutritionally balanced diet that keeps your catching fresh.

5. Visit Vet Regularly

One of the most important things to get rid of cat bad breath is consulting the vet.

The veterinarian knows what is best for your cats, and they might suggest some dental treats for cats and toys.

They can also detect severe cat health conditions, like kidney issues, diabetes, tumors, and more.

Final Words

The easiest and most effective way to get rid of bad cat breath is to clean their teeth by brushing them, giving them quality water, giving them dental treats and toys, giving them a proper diet, and visiting the vet regularly. All these help in fighting tooth decay.

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