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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Dog Food

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When you have a pet one of the most important aspects to ensure the good health of your pet, is to choose the right kind of food. It can be confusing to choose the kind of dog food you are required to feed your dog because of the number of available options. This blog will guide you on how to make the right choice when you are looking down on a four-legged angel, with puppy dog eyes waiting for its food.  

How to choose the right dog food?

  • Know about the choices available to you: It is important to understand that there are various options for dog nutrition available today. Make sure to not only read about these options online but also consult your veterinarian before making certain decisions. Doing in-depth research always helps. You can either choose commercial foods or make the dog food from scratch. This can be done after looking for the best pet food near me.
  • Reading food labels: Another important step to take when choosing commercial foods, you must read labels. Even if you are buying treats or chews online from shops such as Kwik Pet's there is information available for you to understand the contents of the food. Ensure to avoid foods that contain higher levels of chemical preservatives. 
  • Nutrition intake: Next aspect that you must take into consideration is nutrition intake. This means that you must be aware of the number of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. These combinations will depend on the age and weight of your dog. It can also differ based on the medical conditions and the lifestyle of the dog. 

Your dog's diet will change as they age.

Why Choose the Right Food?

There might be several health implications of your dog not getting the right kind of nutrition. With the number of options available, you should be careful what you give as treats and for chewing as well. You should aim to look for the best dog food for puppies that there is. 

  • Unbalanced diet: There can be many implications that can stem from your dog having an unbalanced diet itself. There are diseases such as urinary tract disorders that can be a result of an unbalanced diet. Having an unbalanced diet could affect the mood of your dog adversely.  
  • Poop eating: If you are a furry-friend owner, you might be familiar with this term. This can also be called Pica or Coprophagia. It usually occurs when your dog is not eating enough. If your dog is not getting enough nutrients, they might indulge in eating feces or even mud. This can expose your dog to serious diseases as well. Hence, it is important to ensure they are getting all the nutrients and the right amount as well. 
  • Obesity: It has been observed that obesity in dogs has become a rising concern for pet parents in 2021. Whenever you are buying food for your dog, make sure the intake is specific to them. The amount of food and type differs with age for each breed as well. 

Along with obesity, if there is an imbalance of nutrients and the sugar intake is high, it could also result in diabetes. Making a diet chart can help but do not get trapped in fad diets.  

  • Lookout for food allergies: Pups and dogs are of different breeds, genders, and ages. Whenever you are making or buying dog food, an important point to consider is that there might be ingredients your furry friend might be allergic to. Look for symptoms such as itchy skin, hives, swollen face, or having tummy troubles. This might indicate an allergy. Over time, you will be able to spot the ingredients that you should not be feeding your pet.  

Having a dog is a lot of fun but comes with responsibility. The fun can only be amplified when your dog feels healthy. Make sure to follow the three C’s!

  1. Checking the ingredient
  2. Choosing the right amount
  3. Considering nutrition proportions. 
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