How to DIY Dog collars

Making your dog, gifts that you have made with your own hands can be fun and also fulfilling to give to your dog. Not to mention, that making collars on your own can give you the liberty to have customization to the T which may not be possible when buying even the Best dog training collars online. 

Adjustable dog collar

Take half a meter of fabric, some cotton webbing, a thread that you would like to use, a D ring, a parachute ring, and a tri-glide clip. Take a dog collar for reference, measure the size based on it as well. Based on the dimensions, cut the fabric accordingly. Fold the strip and then iron it to straighten it out. The strip should now form a triangle-like figure. The cotton Webber should be shorter than the fabric that will cover it. Now with the cotton webbed inside, stitch leaving space of about 1.8 inches from each side. This long fabric strip will serve as the base of the collar.

Take the tri-glide clip and weave it on the side of your belt. Now fold the side in a way it turns inwards and stitch the vertical end of this strip. Stitch along the tri-glide clip to secure it in place as well. Now that both parts of the tri-glide clip are in place, pull one strip from the other side. After the clips are secured, insert the D ring which will then be used to insert a leash for your dog. Make stitches along the way to secure these clips. 

The tri-glide clips and the D-ring allow the collars to be adjustable. Make yours today!

Formal dog collar

What is cuter than a regular dog collar? A formal bow-tie dog collar made by you! You can make this dog collar for themed birthday parties or even when your dog is actually being a good boy you can reward them. Take a button-down shirt the size of your child, you can either take one your kid does not wear anyone or you can also buy a new one from the market in the same size. Now cut the collar from the seam below. You can use fabric scissors for the same. Now, button the collar.

Take a bow, it can either be readymade or you can make the bowtie on your own. Choose a bright color or a color that works well with the color of the collar. Now use glue to stick the bow below the hole for the button. Let it dry and make sure that the bow stays in place. Button the collar up again. Your DIY formal dog collar is done!

Take cute pictures!

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