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Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe This Independence Day!

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Fireworks. They embody all that people love and all that animals detest. Towering smoke, ear-splitting noises and a dramatic conclusion that nobody ever seems to see coming.

The most spectacular and energetic displays of patriotism take place on July 4th, which is the motherload of them all. And although we're all impatient to get outside and start enjoying the summer, it's vital to keep in mind how the fireworks may affect our pets' general level of anxiousness.

We took the liberty of compiling a short list of recommendations that every pet owner should abide by to ensure that they get the most out of the celebrations, cookouts, and fireworks that Independence Day has to offer. 

Make Your Home A Safe Place

You may be used to leaving your pet alone at home, but there is one occasion when you want to be sure they're fine with it. 

If you're going out, consider leaving some favorite snacks out and leaving the TV on as a sound buffer and diversion. You can also dim the light show by closing the curtains or blinds.

Act As If It Were Any Other Regular Day

Pets possess an acute sixth sense. They are aware of your joy. They are aware of your emotions. Additionally, they are certain to recognize your nervousness. So make an effort to maintain a positive attitude and a high level of enthusiasm during the planning period.

As you prepare to go, give them a little additional attention and speak in a soothing tone. If you choose to stay at home to watch the fireworks, be sure to watch your pet to see how they react, and try to keep your own reaction fairly neutral.

Get Outside While It's Sunny

It turns out that activity may be used to change a pet's behavior and reduce anxiety: the more playful energy you can elicit from them, the less nervous energy they'll need to expend later.

Before the celebrations begin, go ahead and take your dogs for a walk and play with your cats. Of course, don't overwork them, especially on a hot day. The idea is to just put them to sleep so they can sleep through the fireworks. 

Ensure That Their Contact Information Is Current

On July 4th, more pets go missing than on any other day of the year. It's acceptable to want to spend the day outside with your pet at a barbecue or on a lake. But be sure to pay attention and include them in the group. 

Additionally, this is a wonderful time to verify the accuracy of the data on your pet's microchip and identification tags.

Observe Their Diet

Barbecues, potlucks, buffets, and other opportunities to nibble abound on the Fourth of July. When your pets are out on the hunt, make sure you keep a tight check on the food you leave out. There is a quick list of items that you should carry and give your dogs when it's time to eat.

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Final Celebratory Words

The Fourth of July may be made safe and enjoyable if you're willing to give your dogs a little more thought. We really hope that the holiday, the cuisine, and the fireworks are enjoyed by everyone in your family in the best possible manner!

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