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What are the Best Dog Treats? Hypoallergenic Dog Treats and More!

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There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best dog treat for your pup. You want something that is delicious and exciting, but also healthy and appropriate. We can help you find the perfect top chews dog treats for your pooch so that you can spoil them the way they deserve to be spoiled.

If your dog has allergies, you might be wondering what the best treats for dogs are will tell you here. Since chicken is the number one source of allergies in dogs, none of these contain chicken. We have pumpkin dog treat recipes and zukes dog treats, which help dogs in overcoming allergies.

But first, let’s understand what hypoallergenic means.

What Does the Term "Hypomergenic" Mean?

Merriam-Webster defines hypoallergenic as “having little likelihood of causing an allergic response.”

It is important to remember that individual reactions vary. An substance that one dog tolerates well can cause your dog to have an adverse reaction. Since the term "hypoallergenic" is ambiguous, you must be aware of your dog's allergies in order to choose a product that is precisely hypoallergenic for him.

The best way to identify food allergies in dogs is to consult with your vet and begin a food trial. You will need to find food that does not contain any of the potential allergens that might be causing a reaction. Feed your dog this food for 8 to 12 weeks and pay close attention to any signs of the allergy reappearing. If there are no signs of the allergy, you can begin to introduce common allergens one at a time until you identify the problem ingredient.

Once you identify your dog's allergen, simply avoid it in the future. When shopping for dog food and treats, check the list of ingredients for that allergen.

What to Look for in Hypoallergenic Dog Treat Ingredients

One of the most prevalent types of allergies or hypersensitivities in dogs, according to the VCA, is food allergies or intolerances. Dogs can be allergic to all sorts of things- from the environment, they live in, to the food they eat.

When a dog has an allergy, his immune system reacts excessively and begins to produce antibodies against substances that the body would typically be able to handle. This can lead to all sorts of problems for the dog, from skin irritations to gastrointestinal issues.

A veterinarian on Rover’s Dog People Panel, says that the most common trigger of allergies is typically the primary protein in the diet. These are things like chicken, beef, and pork—which makes this a good place to start your investigation if you think your dog may have an allergy.

When it comes to dog treats, meat should still be one of the main ingredients. In fact, it's even better if the treat contains a novel animal protein like venison, duck, or turkey. As for carbohydrates, make sure they're coming from nutritious and digestible sources such as sweet potatoes and peas.

Of course, every dog's stomach is a little different. But there are some products that seem to work especially well for sensitive ones. Here are our favorites—the best hypoallergenic dog treats on the market.

If your dog has allergies, you might think that it's impossible to find treats that they can enjoy without suffering from a reaction. However, there are plenty of brands that make hypoallergenic dog treats! To help you choose the best one for your pup, we've compiled a list of our favorite healthy and all-natural options.

1 Eye Wipes, Hypo-Allergenic Fragrance-Free for Dogs, Cats, Puppies & Kittens

Earthbath® Eye Wipes are a convenient way to keep the area around your pet's eyes clean. These hypoallergenic wipes are safe for all animals over 6 weeks old and free of fragrances, alcohol, and other harsh chemicals.

2 Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo, Fragrance-Free, for Sensitive Skin/Allergy

Earthbath Hypo-allergenic Dog & Cat Shampoo is designed to be as gentle as possible for pets with allergies and sensitivities. The all-natural, biodegradable, tearless ingredients clean and nourish sensitive skin without drying it out. This mild shampoo is also free of fragrance and colorants. Best of all, it won't wash off any topical flea treatments.

3 TropiClean Hypo-Allergenic Deodorizing Pet Wipes

Tropiclean Hypo Allergenic Deodorizing Bath Wipes are formulated to be mild enough for puppies, kittens, and those with allergies. Our gentle coconut cleanser gently removes pollen, drool, and other potential unmentionables, leaving them clean and ready for cuddles.


Just like people, every dog is different when it comes to what they like to eat. And, also like people, each dog has different nutritional needs based on their size, age, activity level, and health. 

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