T-Rex Leopard Gecko Dust 1.75oz

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Leopard Gecko Calcium Plus Is Designed To Be Used With Every Feeding. The Best Application Is The "Shake And Bake" Method. Place Insects In A Plastic Bag Or Container With The Calcium Plus, And Shake To Coat Insects. To Further Increase The Nutritional Value Of Insects, Combine This Product With The Use Of The Repashy "Insect" Gutload". This Formula Is Designed To Be Fed To Insects Before They Are Fed To Animals. It Will Increase The Nutritional Value Of Insects Via The Containment Of Highly Nutritious Food In The Gut That Will Be Absorbed As The Insect Is Digested.

Key Benefits

  • All-in-one Super Food That Includes All Foods, Vitamins And Minerals.

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