Propectalin 30 CC

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Pro-pectalin Anti-diarrheal Gel By Vet Solutions, Contains Koalin, Pectin And Enterococcus Faecium, A Beneficial Bacteria To Help Resolve Diarrhea Caused By Stress, Antibiotic Administration, Change In Diet Or Other Simple, Non-life Threatening Forms Of Diarrhea. Its Unique Combination Of Ingredients Helps Safely Stop Diarrhea, Soothe Irritated Intestines And Restore The Normal Balance Of Intestinal Bacteria.

Key Benefits
  • Oral Gel For Dogs And Cats With Occasional Loose Stool From Stress, Diet & Environmental Changes.
  • Pro-pectalin Contains Kaolin, Pectin & Enterococcus Faecium To Help Firm Stool & Support Digestion.
  • Liver-flavored Gel Helps Soothe Upset Digestive System, Restore Intestinal Bacteria & Balance Gut Ph.
  • Pro-pectalin Contains Probiotics That Support Digestive And Intestinal Health & Microbial Flora.
  • Microencapsulation Helps Guard Enterococcus Faecium Against Low Ph Stomach Acid To Reach Intestines.

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