Just One Bite II 16 oz. Rodent Rat Bait Cake Blocks - (Pack of 8)

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Quantity: 8

Net Weight: 16 oz. Each

Size: 4-1/2" Width X 6" Length X 1" Height

Used To Mitigate Norway Rats, Roof Rats, House Mice And Warfarin Resistant Rodents

For Indoor And Outdoor Use Around Agricultural Buildings And Manmade Agricultural Structures

Norway Rats, Roof Rats And House Mice May Consume An Effective Dose In A Single Night’s Feeding With First Results Appearing Four Or Five Days After Feeding Begins

Not Permitted For Use Against The Following Species In California: Cotton Rat, Eastern Harvest Mouse, Golden Mouse, Polynesian Rat, Meadow Vole, White-Throated Woodrat, Southern Plains Woodrat And Mexican Woodrat

EPA Reg. No. 270-373

EPA Est. No. 75806-AZ-1

  • Just One Bite II 16 oz. Rodent Rat Bait Cake Blocks - (Pack of 8)

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