Jackson Galaxy Eclipse Stainless Steel Cat Bowl

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Now Introducing Jackson Galaxy® Feeding Dishes For Cats! Jackson Galaxy's Eclipse Bowl Is Made Of Stainless Steel And Holds Up To 3 Oz. Of Canned Cat Food. The Slightly Curved Bowl Reduces Whisker Stress, Helps Prevent Chin Acne, And Helps Keep Food In The Bowl. Non-skid Feet Also Keeps The Bowl In Place While Your Cat Is Eating. The Jackson Galaxy Nova Stainless Steel Bowl Has A Subtle Curve To Mimic The Shape Of A Cats Whiskers Reducing The Possibility Of Whisker Stress. Cats Are Prone To Chin Acne Which Is Cause When Bacteria From The Bowl Irritates The Cats Chin. This Easy To Clean Stainless Steel Bowl Helps Reduce The Risk Of Feline Chin Acne.

Key Benefits

  • Great For Cats That Are Susceptible To Whisker Sensitivity Or Whisker Stress Which Causes Them To Not Eat.
  • Stainless Material Helps Reduce The Risk Of Bacteria, Which Causes Chin Acne.
  • The Slight Wall Incline Prevents Messes.
  • This Flatter And Wider Bowl Mimics The Shape Of Whiskers, Which Helps Reduce Stress.
  • Bowl Holds 3 Oz. Of Canned Food For Your Cat.

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