Hikari Aquarium Solutions Bacto-Surge Sponge Filter 125 Gallon

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Hiker USA - Becton-surge Sponge Filter . Aquarium: Submersible Filters Mechanical And Biological Filter For: Nano Tanks, Smaller FW Aquariums, Breeding Environments, Fry Holding Tanks, Quarantine Applications, Use With Slow Moving Fish Like Discus, Polishing Of Marine Aquariums. Large 5. 75x6. 25 In Up To 125 Gallon.

Key Benefits

  • Perfect For Use In Freshwater Or Marine Applications.
  • Highly Porous Sponge Maximizes Bacterial Action.
  • Increased Surface Area Offers Maximum Bacteria Colonization.
  • Soft Sponge Material Offers Easy Cleaning.
  • Sponge Designed For Longer Life.

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