Etta Says! Pork Yumm Sticks Dog Treat Display Box

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Etta Says! Pork Yumm Sticks are packed with flavor and protein to keep your dog fueled for whatever adventure they go on. These treats are 100% human-grade with high protein and low fat. Each Yumm Stick is individually wrapped for easy, on the go convenience. Keep some handy in your, car, bag, or backpack for a treat you can both enjoy. Try all four proteins - pork, turkey, beef, and chicken. As always our products are proudly made and sourced in the USA.
  • These snack sticks are a single-protein, flavorful treat for your best pal.
  • Made in the USA with high-quality proteins sourced from American farms.
  • Features all-natural ingredients, including delicious pork and brown sugar.
  • A grain-free recipe that is easy for your pal to digest.
  • Contains no nitrates, nitrites or MSG.