Equiderma Horse Skin Lotion for Rain Rot 16oz

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Skin Ailments Don't Stand A Chance Against Equiderma Equine Healing Skin Lotion! A Trusted Combatant, This Lotion Has Been Proven Effective Against Skin Ailments Such As Rain Rot, Scratches, Mane And Tail Rubbing, Insect Feasting, Ringworm, Midline Scabbing, And Many Other "Mystery Ailments." Quick And Easy To Use, Simply Apply And Leave The Natural, Non-stinging Ingredients To Work Their Magic. Within Just One Use, You Are Sure To See A Difference!

Key Benefits

  • Non-messy And Easy To Apply.
  • Aids In Treatment Of A Variety Of Skin Conditions Including Rain Rot, Ring Worm, Scratches, Etc.
  • Equid Erma Skin Lotion Equid Erma Skin Lotion Aids In The Treatment Of Sweet Itch, Summer Itch, Muck Itch, Rain Rot, Scratches And Insect Bites.

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