Cowboy Magic Concentrated Detangler & Sine 16oz Squeeze Bottle

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Size:16 Oz Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine Is A Legendary Product For Equine Enthusiasts To Tackle Mane And Tail Tangles And Knots. A Finishing Product That Helps Keep Your Horses Manes And Tails Looking Their Best By Adding A Glistening Show Ring Sheen As Well. Your Brush, Comb, Or Fingers Will Slide Right Through When Grooming The Mane And Tail, Making That Step Much Easier And Faster.

Key Benefits

  • Works Instantly: Detangles As You Rub It In And Keeps On Working, Resulting In Less Grooming Time And Less Product Used, Saving Time And Money.
  • It Is A Deep Conditioner: Penetrates Below The Surface And Restores Moisture While Strengthening Hair, Resulting In A Natural Shine With A Soft Texture.
  • Long-lasting: Repels Dirt, Dust, And Sand, Resulting In A Shine That Lasts Longer. Not Oily.

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