Chuckit! Fetch Ball Dog Toy Medium 2 Pack

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The Chuckit! Fetch Ball is specially designed to enhance the game of fetch, encouraging pets to run farther and leap higher. Featuring a natural, high-bounce rubber construction, Chuckit!'s dog fetch ball bounces higher and farther than standard tennis balls. As a daily fetch dog toy, the Chuckit! ball provides stimulating exercise for long-term health. The Chuckit! dog ball has a soft exterior that keeps dogs' mouths comfortable as they catch and carry during fetch. Ideal for outdoor use, the durable rubber surface withstands tough play and is resistant to dirt and slobber for convenient cleaning. Available in three sizes ranging from small to large, dogs of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of the Chuckit! Fetch Ball. Two-packs are available in select sizes for pet parents to keep an extra Fetch Ball on hand. The Chuckit! Fetch Ball is compatible with a variety of Chuckit! Launchers, enhancing fetch with slobber-free pickup and long-distance throws. • HEALTHY PLAY: For stimulating playtime that helps pets stay fit, the Chuckit! Fetch Ball encourages pets to leap and chase • HIGH-BOUNCING BALL: Dog balls are made from natural rubber that is designed to bounce higher and farther than standard tennis balls, making these rubber dog balls ideal for exciting games of fetch • DURABLE FOR TOUGH PLAY: This outdoor dog ball is rugged for long-term use and is resistant to dirt and slobber for easy cleaning. • CHUCKIT! LAUNCHER COMPATIBLE: To make fetch even more exciting for pets, this Chuckit! rubber ball fits a variety of Chuckit! Ball Launchers; dog ball launchers available for purchase separately • AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS SIZES: These Chuckit! rubber balls are offered in small, medium, and large sizes, allowing a wide range of dogs to enjoy high-bounce games of fetch • AVAILABLE IN 2-PACKS: For pet parents that like to keep an extra fetch ball on hand, 2-packs of these dog ball toys are available in select sizes

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