New Zealand Sphagnum Moss 100 Grams Long Fiber 8 L Spagmoss 12 Count Display Box

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  • New Zealand Sphagnum moss is a versatile product renowned for its remarkable natural properties; it is long lasting with an excellent water holding capacity.

  • Besgrow Spagmoss is available in many different grades and specifically designed products to suit your requirements

  • Besgrow Spagmoss is naturally air dried to preserve the optimal quality of the moss. Spagmoss passes through a series of cleaning techniques, both mechanical and manual, where contamination is removed. Cleaned moss is packed into various sizes to be shipped worldwide.

  • New Zealand Sphagnum Moss (compressed). When hydrated with 2 liters of water it makes 8 liters of fluffy medium length moss. This is some of the best moss you can purchase for holding humidity. It stays moist longer than most mosses available and looks great in terrariums!

It is commonly used;

  • By commercial and hobby growers in the cultivation of various orchid species.

  • As a decorative enhancement.

  • In the Floristry industry.

  • For assisting with young plant growth.

  • By carnivorous plant growers.

  • For reptile bedding.

  • As an additive to increase water holding in other substrates.

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