Mega Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb 160W

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This Lamp Is Our Top-of-the-range 160 Watt Sb Par-38 Narrow Flood Lamp Which Has Been Shown In Tests To Produce Similar Amounts Of Uvb To Natural Sunlight! - Along With Adequate Heat To Create A Basking Spot At The Recommended Distances, In Many Circumstances. This Reptileuv Mega Ray Original Design Provides The Necessary Uvb, Uva And Heat For Your Uvb-dependent Basking Reptiles. Using Cutting Edge Technology Coupled With Five Years Of Dedicated Research And Testing, We Have Conquered And Significantly Reduced The Huge Decay Rates So Common In Other Mercury Vapor Lamps. While Other Bulbs Decay As Much As 80%, Our Newly Designed Sb Bulbs Decay Less Than 30% Over The Life Of The Bulb. This Is Unseen In The Industry.

Key Benefits

  • Use With Recommended Fixture, Such As A Wire Clamp Lamp. Not To Be Used With Dimmers Or Rheostats.
  • Mercury Vapor Bulbs Simultaneously Produce Heat, Light, And Uvb For Your Reptile.
  • Mega-ray Mercury Vapor Bulbs Are The Most Reliable Mercury Vapor Bulbs Available In The Us.

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