ASI Aquarium Sealant Black 10.2oz

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Glass Must Be Properly Prepared As Described, Apply The Aquarium Sealant To Edge Surface Of The Glass To Be Joined To The Non-edge Surface. After Application Of The Sealant, The Assembled Glass Components Should Be Tightly Placed In A Fixture Or Jig To Allow Sealant To Flow Evenly Between Joined Surfaces And To Give Support During The Internal Sealing Of The Aquarium, Selected Bead Size Appropriate For The Size Of Aquarium Being Constructed. Apply The Sealant Into The Center Of The Joint Formed By The Sections Of Glass. Tool The Sealant Immediately After Application. Any Excess Sealant Should Be Removed Before The Sealant Is Cured By Suing A Clean Cloth And A Suitable Solvent Such As MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone),

Key Benefits

  • This High Modulus Component RTV Silicone Sealant Forms Strong Cohesive Bonds To Glass Without The Need Of Primers.
  • The Bonds Are Unaffected By Continuous Immersion In Water And, When Fully Cured, Is Non-toxic To Fish.
  • ASI Aquarium Silicone Sealant Is A Non-slump Sealant And Can Be Applied To Vertical Surfaces Without Flowing Or Sagging.
  • Can Be Applied To Surface Temperatures From -18°c To +50°c (0°f To +120°f) And After Curing, Withstands Constant Operating Temperatures From -57°c To +233°c (-70° F To 450°f).
  • Formulated For Use With Fresh And Salt-water Aquariums Or A Vivarium.

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