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Valentine’s Day Ideas For Pets

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People offer chocolate, teddy bears, and roses to their loved ones on Valentine's Day to express gratitude & admiration. What about our preferred pet friends though? Here are some suggestions on how to express your love for your four-legged Valentine. Buy the best valentines gift for animals with Kwik Pets. 

There are many fun activities you can do to show your pets love on Valentine's Day. Additionally, it's a simple repair if you don't own a pet. Join up to volunteer or foster at the shelter in your community. Some programs at shelters allow you to take a dog for a day walk and you can make this more fun by giving them gifts with valentines coupons from Kwik Pets. We offer 15% off on our valentines collections! 

Here are 10 KWIK ways to shower love this Valentines!

1. Spa Day 

By giving your pet a spa day, you can ensure that they are in wonderful health. Your pet will feel better and be prepared for the rest of your Valentine's Day celebrations after getting a bath, brushing or nail trim all at once at the groomer (Remember to ask for the adorable bandana before you go!).

2. Go For Picnic

Bring a picnic filled with treats for both of you and your travel-friendly dog or cat to the neighborhood park. Is Where you live too cold for a picnic? Take your dog for a long walk while you're wrapped up. If there is a cafe nearby, go there afterwards for a warm drink (for you) and a puppuccino. 

3. New Toys

Since Christmas was about two months ago, it is obvious that new toys are needed. This weekend, don the leash and visit Kwik Pets to let your pet choose their new favorite Valentine's Day toy with help of valentines coupons. Browse the website until you discover the ideal one.

4. Give Tasty Treats

Don't forget to pick up some fresh goodies in addition to those exciting new toys! Every dog will love our assortment of soft and baked dog treats, and our wet cat food recipes also create delicious frozen treats. Your pet will enjoy the extra treats, and you'll feel good giving them tasty, healthy snacks. 

5. Favorite Activities

To show your pet some love, you don't need to go all out of your way. If your dog enjoys walks, schedule some additional time this weekend to go around the neighborhood. Make sure to schedule extra time to binge on the sofa with your cat if it enjoys dozing in your lap as you watch television. Spending a little additional time engaging in your pet's favorite pursuits will go a long way toward demonstrating your love for them.

6. Get Them Groomed 

Although many puppies enjoy getting groomed, other canines may not. While treating or spoiling your dog with a professional dog grooming session is a nice idea, there are also at-home grooming solutions if your dog doesn't enjoy going to the groomer. A thorough brushing and a brief bath are at the very least lovely methods to keep your pet clean this Valentine's Day.

7. Massage Your Pet 

You did read that correctly. Like humans, pets can benefit from massages. Your pet will enjoy the extra care given to sore muscles if they are already an athlete.

All pets, even couch potatoes, benefit from massages. Massages improve circulation, lessen pain, lessen tension and anxiety, and build the link between you and your dog, making it the ideal Valentine's Day activity.

8. Give Sports A Try 

Dog sports are a great way to use your dog's energy and instincts in a game you both will enjoy. Obedience, agility, and AKC Rally are some sports that place a strong emphasis on cooperation and the relationship between dogs and their parents. Others, such as Fast CAT and Scent Work, work to hone dogs' instinctive tendencies, such as pursuing and smelling. An original approach to express your affection for your dog is to introduce them to the world of dog sports.

9. Take Them For A Spin

These days, who doesn't need to leave the house? Leash up your dog (or your harness-loving cat) and take a drive to a scenic location if those four walls are enclosing you. A change of scenery is usually beneficial.


This Valentine's Day, not every pet will have a loving owner to spoil them. If you're feeling charitable, think about giving to your neighborhood shelter or another worthy cause that supports animals without permanent families. If you'd like, you may even donate in your pet's honor!

We wish you and your animal companions a wonderful Valentine's Day! If you tag us (@Kwikpets) in your Instagram stories when you take your dog on any outings, we will share them!

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