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Should Litter Be Used In Bird Cage?

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Are you searching to get complete details about Bird Cage Litter? Does one need to use litter for a bird’s cage? What do you use as your bird cage bedding? Which litters should be used in cages so that it doesn’t cause any harm to birds’ health? Which could be the best bird cage litter? And many similar questions might be coming to one’s mind if you are a pet bird parent or planning to adopt a bird as your pet.

Undoubtedly birds are really beautiful creatures but are a bit messy when it comes to cleanliness. As it is not easy to get them trained when it comes to their droppings or throwing food chunks in the entire area. Here comes the importance of liners in the bird’s cage as it plays a vital role in maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and safety for your pets. It collects the things like dropping, food particles, and any other things that land in the bird’s cage. 

Which products should be used for bird cage bedding?

The most suitable and preferred bedding for a bird’s cage is a newspaper or any other paper product. However, make sure to not use glossy ads as they may be harmful and unsafe for birds’ health. You can also choose absorbent cage liners that are considered among one of the best bird cage litter. As it absorbs moisture and odor very easily and provides a clean fresh environment around your bird’s cage.

A bird cage litter skirt is also helpful and an option to be considered as it is really helpful in eliminating the mess that our feathered pets create. Bird cage litter skirts have an elastic top and bottom to equip securely throughout the cage, it has open underneath, and has great cage shields. It’s preferable to use disposable paper like newspaper or paper towel as it stores the mess caused by birds and is easy to clean, it is easily accessible and is also very cheap.

Is Cat Litter Safe To Use As Bird Cage Litter?

If you are a pet parent of a parakeet, it is likely safest to use biodegradable bird litter for the cage-like recycled newspaper, clumping sawdust, barley, or dried orange peel. That too is made without any deodorizers, scents, colors, and dust. Cat litter such as ground nut shells, corncobs, pine, and cedar shavings are not suggested to be avoided for bird cage bedding. If your bird consumes it, it may lead to serious health issues in them. Some litters are scented and birds usually don't like scented litters. This even can lead to serious respiratory problems in birds.

Which is considerable as bird litter for a cage?

Compressed timber or wood or products made with paper makes the best bird litter due to its high absorbent qualities. If you want to search for more options then dried and crushed walnut shells or crushed coconut fibers etc are the things that can be considered for use in your bird’s cage. They are really effective in controlling odors & dust, they are highly absorbent, also they don’t contain any synthetic chemicals or any additives that can cause any harm to our feathered pet’s health. 

Birds are considered one of the most strong and most healthy pets that can live up to many decades if kept clean, fed healthy food, maintain proper hygiene, etc. Most of the time, owners think that it is fine to use cat litter in birds' cages and there will be no issue. This is totally wrong as cats come under predators' families and should be kept far apart from birds as they may cause harm to feathered pets as per their biological structure. Hence it is totally unsafe to use cat litter in bird cage bedding.

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