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How to Welcome Your Feline Friend

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Getting a cat can be exciting but also equally confusing because of the number of assumptions one might have. The way dogs behave is very different from the way cats do. Which is why, if you are a new cat parent or soon going to become one but apprehensive? Do not worry, we are right here! 

  • Make a safe room: When you have a new cat in your house, it is very important to have a safe room to make sure that they become familiar with the scents around the house. The size of the room will not matter as much, however, make sure that it has a door so the cat feels secure as well. 

When you make a safe room you should also ensure that it is equipped with a litter box and has food and water as well. It has been observed that when a cat has just entered, the ones that tend to be shy may not eat much during the first 48 hours. However, if it has not over 48 hours you can also get better treats which makes the cat want to eat it. In the safe room, keep a piece of your clothing for it to get familiarized with your smell as well.

  • Spending time with your cat: This might sound like a no-brainer but it should also be kept in mind that while there is a myth that cats are not that affectionate, it is very important to spend enough time with your cat especially at the beginning, Even if you are quietly reading around them, it is a good idea. Even if the cat might growl or twitch, make sure you spend enough time with your cat. 
  • Transitioning from the safe room: Once you notice that the cat is less anxious as compared to earlier and more familiar with the surroundings, you can then transition to the safe room. In order to make this transition smooth, it is very important to do it as a complete process. Make sure you introduce it to the rest of the house when you are home and under your watch. If your cat will experience too many new things at once they can become too anxious.  
  • Understanding cat care: Make sure that your house is ready to welcome a cat as much as you are. You can consult your vet for the same as well. Make sure that you have the cat health and wellness supplies in place. Products such as houseplants, harsh cleaning products, and also certain medications. 
  • Focus on indoor entertainment: When you get a new cat at home, it is important to make sure to keep the cat indoors first so it does not get away. It will not be safe outside. You can provide several sturdy pads on which it is possible for them to scratch. You can also get different kinds of cat toys to stay entertained.  
  • Setting up the litter box: When you get a cat, it is important to make sure that the litter box you set up is in a quiet place. It can make them feel much more comfortable. This is very important when the cat has just entered a new home. 

Having a cat is equal amounts of responsibility and equal amounts of fun as well. They are loving and may not want to cuddle with you at all times, but sometimes they will just use their paws to comfort you, making it memorable. You can keep these things in mind when getting a new cat so it is an easy transition for them.

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