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Do Cats Enjoy Dome-Shaped Poop Containers?

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As cats are naturally inquisitive, it makes sense that anything moving inside your home would be considered possible prey. Moreover, they use their lips to explore, making plants a target. Sometimes placing plants around your property can seem like a sacrifice (for the plant). Some cats like digging in your planter or, worse yet, defecating there when the leaves or fronds aren't teasing them than a dome cat litter box.

Although it may be frustrating to discover your favourite plants looking like swiss cheese, your cat isn't deliberately ruining your home's decor. Cats act in a certain way for a purpose. It's important to first comprehend why your cat might be chasing after your plants because they may be doing so to satisfy a desire. Instead of that, make it a habit to use the Booda Dome Cleanstep Litter Box.

5 Advantages Of A Covered Litter Box

  1. It's an excellent method for hiding the mess: Litter pans proudly display the mess, but enclosed litter boxes keep it hidden. Your home doesn't need to resemble a barnyard just because you share a room with a cat. You and your cat both enjoy good cleanliness. Yet booda dome cleanstep boxes that are enclosed are out of sight and out of mind. As a result, you must keep a calendar (and discipline) to regularly clean the litter box.
  1. Prevents cats from trailing litter: Have you ever had to dust pebbles off your bare feet? or remove trash from the floor at different intervals throughout the day? You can spare yourself the hassle by using a litter box that is enclosed.

Cats have a propensity of rummaging in their litter before acting out; they can dig with abandon. Frequently, trash spills everywhere, messing up the entire space. Booda dome litter box is always contained inside enclosed litter bins.

  1. No stinky business: By providing your cat with an enclosed restroom, you can stop worrying about any unpleasant scents that might (will) emanate from the box. More than any scent, candle, powder, or other witch's brew you can buy, enclosed rooms are fantastic at containing the smell.

The litter box shouldn't smell if you frequently scoop up the waste. Therefore, you won't have to peer into an open cat toilet in the midst of the living room with your guests. A definite benefit!

  1. Serves as a decorative element: Your home deserves better than open boxes, plastic trays, or recycled laundry baskets. The practice of using a cat's litter box as furniture has taken over some areas of the cat-loving internet, but we're not big fans of it. In general, we choose litter boxes that are functional for our pets. We don't want to force our cats to urinate by making them climb in and out of wicker frames. Yet, a simple litter box can give your space a classy appearance.
  1. Puts an end to the dog-cat feud: Dogs adore cat nuggets. Is that filthy? Oh, yes. Yet when you adore both a dog and a cat, that is just life. With a baby gate, doorstop, or latch, you might be able to dog-proof the litter box. Yet, these fixes frequently cause more issues for the humans living there than they do for the dog.

Yet, you must find a solution to the issue, and not simply for the ick aspect. When dogs consume cat excrement, they may develop intestinal worms or bacterial illnesses. Also, your pet dog may get severe constipation if they consume too much litter. You, therefore, want to put a stop to your dog consuming cat waste as soon as you can.

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To Sum Up 

This should give you a few options when attempting to keep both a vibrant home and a healthy cat! Examine your circumstances and your cat's personality to see what works. Even so, it's crucial to keep a close eye out for any strange behavior your cat exhibits after being around your non-toxic plants.

Even though your plants might not be hazardous to cats, your cat might eat enough of a leaf to upset their stomach. Depending on the size and shape of the leaf they consume, there is a chance that they could choke or perhaps get something stuck in their nostrils.

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