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6 Important Dog Commands You Should Know

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Having a dog at home is a lot of fun, but the slightly nerdy part of it is the training. Training with the right set of tools can also be a lot of fun! Some of these commands are extremely important and you have to get a hold of them to make sure that you have a fun-easy going time spent with your dog. Let us have a look at them below.

Look Command: The dog’s attention matters to you the most. In order to get this attention, you should teach the dog to look at you or watch you and maintain eye contact. This way you will notice that they are looking at you even when you are in an environment where there might be many distractions. This can be a command that can help you facilitate speaking other commands. To train them, you are supposed to hold a treat near the nose of your dog then move the treat towards you, so they can lock their eyes with you. You can get cheap dog toys easily.

Come: Another basic command that you must have heard all dog owners telling their pets is to come on command. This command, as the name suggests is used when the dog owners want to call their dogs on command. When you are teaching your dog the command ‘come’ make sure that you ask them to come for good things only. This will evoke a positive reaction when they are commanded, Initially, you can also give them treats for coming on your command.

Emergency recall: As the name suggests this is a command that is only used in times of emergency. This command can be helpful when something goes wrong and you need your dog to immediately come to you. This can even save accidents which can be fatal. A regular recall command, as mentioned above can be used at other times. This command is only used when you have an emergency. 

Drop it or leave it: Leave it is a dog command that you can use when you want your dog to not approach a thing or a person it is approaching. It can avoid consuming food that it is not supposed to. This is a preventive command. Another important command is to drop it. This can be important when they have already consumed or taken hold of a dangerous food item. There are Best dog training devices easily.

Sitting down: Another common and basic command is the sitting down command. Training your dog to sit down can help you in social situations or even help them feel at peace when they are feeling anxious. You can teach them by holding a treat close to the nose. You can use it to follow the treat and make them sit down. Use the word sit. Repeat this till the dog starts sitting down on command ‘sit’. 

Lying down: Lie down command is a common yet important. This command can work well when your dog is behaving unfavorably. You can tackle common behavioral problems. You can also use the lie command to further teach your other tricks such as rolling on the bed. This can also help them in times of distress such as when they are facing some anxiety today.

These are some of the common commands that you need to teach your dog before you start teaching them more complicated ones. There are various types of tools that are available online which can you use to make the training sessions even more fun! 

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