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Most Common Pigeon Diseases

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Birds as pets remind us of mornings with a comfortable hot beverage and chirps from the pet birds. However, not all pet beds necessarily chirp. One of the popular types of pet birds that do not necessarily chirp is pigeons. They can be found everywhere. As pet parents, however, you should be aware of the diseases that can be categorized under common pigeon diseases.

A pigeon canker: Canker is an organism called protozoan which is tiny. It can cause breathing problems. This disease can be transmitted from one bird to another, however, it does not last outside the bird for long. This can reduce transmission. The spread of this disease takes place when birds share a common water bowl or even feed young pigeons milk. 

The symptoms of a pigeon canker are breathing issues, diarrhea, weight loss and even bleeding from the mouth of the cloaca. This disease needs to be treated as soon as possible because it can even be fatal to your pigeon. Visit your vet, and get surgery if your pigeon needs it.

Pigeon lice, mites, and flies: One of the common types of diseases that your pigeon might face is the pigeon lice, mites, and flies. These external parasites will bother your pigeon and can even cause further damage to them. To identify this issue, you can look into the feathers where there might be some appearance of scanlines. Some sprays are available which can help you get rid of this.

Other respiratory infections: Pigeons tend to experience respiratory infections. Many of these can be contagious as well. Respiratory infections naturally make it harder for your pigeon to breathe, this also results in them being less active. Various factors need to be taken into consideration when facing respiratory infections such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Their environment might be required to clean as well. Once you notice any symptom worsening, you should contact the vet immediately and get your pigeon checked. 

Pigeon Hexamita: Similar to the one that we talked about above, Pigeon Hexamita is a disease where the organism can be even found in the digestive tracts of your pet. Once your bird is diagnosed with it, it can be treated quite easily. It can cause diarrhea in your birds, however, it is possible to not be noticed till you notice major symptoms. Make sure you observe your bird’s health regularly.

Pigeons are smart pets which means that you will not have to spend a lot of energy on them. They can be trained and tamed quite easily as other types of bird pets. There is a reason why in many countries pigeons were used to deliver letters. They are quite obedient and can learn what you teach them quite easily. You can keep these pigeons outside in your garden in a cage or even indoors. It is easy to get Decorative bird cages quite easily.  You do not have to do much to entertain these birds, they like spending their time in a leisurely manner and even enjoy doing their own thing such as looking at the sky even! What a wonderful, sunset partner to have.

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