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Is Your Puppy Getting Enough Sleep?

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When you get a new puppy there are several aspects that you need to take into consideration. Sleep is as important for these puppies and dogs as it is for us as humans. So let us learn everything that you might need to know about sleep and your furry friends!

There might be certain signs that your dog is not getting enough sleep.

When we talk about sleep deprivation in dogs it has been observed that there is not as much research done in this field. However, you might see some mood changes that could indicate your dog is not sleeping well. This could be similar to the kind of symptoms humans face such as lack of concentration, forgetfulness, being grumpy, or even disoriented when trying to perform certain activities.

How much sleep do they need? 

When dogs are still puppies, they are similar to having babies. They might be restless during the night and also would want to visit the bathroom more than once. During this time they tend to sleep much more just like babies. When you should worry about it, is when your puppy sleeps over 20 hours a day and also wakes up with very little energy. This could be because of diet issues or not drinking enough water. However, you can let your veterinarian decide what the problem is.

When it comes to adult dogs, they need 12-14 hours of sleep in a day. It would be a good thing if they synced their sleeping pattern with you where they sleep along with you at night for 8 hours and spend the rest of the hours sleeping during the day. Older adult dogs tend to sleep even more and it could be around 18-20 hours during the day. 

Why would your pet be lacking sleep? 

They might not be comfortable with their dog bed. The comfort can also be dependent on the season. Dogs can also find it extremely comfortable to sleep on the floor when it is not very hot.

Related to the first point, that it is possible that where you allow your dog to sleep might be disturbing for them. They need to be in a place where there is so much movement to the point that they cannot sleep.

Other discomforts such as a tight collar could also be the reasons they are not able to sleep. There might be underlying conditions that they experience for the same as well. If you have tried everything in your power, it would be wise to visit your doctor.

Tips to help your puppy sleep better

Good environment: When buying a dog pad for your dog initially, make sure it is something affordable. You can get the best affordable best dog training devices online instead. This is because it is possible that even if you buy expensive beds, it might not be comfortable for them. Put the crate in your room and make it comfortable and inviting for them.

Having a routine: A good idea with furry pets is that you have to establish a bedtime routine. You can give them a routine from the beginning by playing with them during the day. Tire them out. Before bedtime, keep some gaps and feed them food and water in advance. You can train them to enjoy sleeping by feeding them best dog food treats when they come to the crate. 

Be prepared for breaks: One thing that you have to make sure it is that the space they sleep in as puppies is quiet and far away from disturbance. However, no matter how quiet it is, they might wake up in the middle of the night and have needs.

It is important to make sure that your dog, both puppies, and adults, should be able to sleep properly, this contributes to their growth.

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