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Is Your Cat Meowing Too Much?

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Cat's meow. However, if you notice your cat is meowing abnormally loudly or it is meowing very frequently there could be many underlying reasons for it. It is a good idea to observe keenly for a few days and then make conclusions. 

Attention: A lot of times pets bark or meow a lot merely to get your attention. This can be because they are feeling neglected. It can also simply be because they are bored and want to play with you. If you feel like your cat’s excessive meowing is for them to catch your attention, do not pay attention to them when they are meowing. This might give them the impression that if they meow they will get attention. Give them attention when they are quiet. Spend enough time with them to avoid this problem, they need your time.

Health problems: Often, meowing can be a way for your cat to tell you that they are not feeling well. Cats are known to be independent and are also known to hide their illnesses as long as they can. However, they might show signs by excessive meowing or not eating their food. Diseases like thyroid, kidney disease, urinating problems. Observe and take your cat to a vet if necessary.

Hunger: Like children, a common reason for your cat to meow too much is to let you know that it is hungry and needs some food. They might also meow for litter-box requirements. You can avoid this by making sure your cat gets their food and water right on time. Feed them the best-canned cat food

Greeting you or lonely: You might be overthinking it and maybe your cat is just trying to greet you. This might also be a reason why they might be meowing even more when they are surrounded by people, just trying to say ‘hello’. But to be sure of this, you need to make sure that you keenly observe your cat. Cats also tend to spend a lot of their time alone, they might be getting lonely. You can either get a sitter for them if you are too busy or you can choose to keep activities for them to do when you are outside.

Stress in cats: Mental health is a real thing when it comes to pets. Chances are your cat is meowing because it is stressed. When cats experience stress they tend to become vocal. This could be because someone close to them is ill or has died. Being around new people and in new situations could also stress your cat out resulting in excessive meows. It could also be because of the kind of mood it is in. You will have to observe the mental health of your dog closely and take steps accordingly.

Age: The age of your cat can also impact your cat’s meowing. This means that cats suffer from disorientation and confusion whenever they are aging. This can make them cry even when there is no reason. This can be one of the reasons why your cat might be meowing excessively.

These are some of the reasons why your cat might be meowing a lot. If you are not sure, your vet can help you cancel out the problems. 

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