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Is My Dog Overweight: Understanding Your Dog's Body Composition

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When you have a pet of yours it might be natural for you to want to keep feeding it treats and smother it with all the love that is possible too! However, it has been observed that there is an increased case of obesity in dogs and has been projected to only increase in 2021. Cuddle buddies are great, but health comes first. This blog will help you determine the body competition of your furry pet.


  • Checking for the body shape: This is the simplest way to determine changes. You see your dog every day and can probably tell how much the body shape changed over time. If you are not able to tell, you can also go through the gallery of your phone, which as dog parents we know is full of our pets.


  • Feeling the ribs of your dogs: Another common and simple technique is you could feel the ribs of your dog. It has been observed that being able to feel the ribs of your dog or even being able to see them from the outside can be a huge indicator of your dog’s weight issues. If you notice they are less prominent, chances are your dog is gaining weight. 


  • Fat pads: If you have never heard the word fat pads, they are deposits of fat on your dog’s body. When dogs start gaining weight you will notice that there is excess fat which is more visible on certain parts of their body. This can be around their hips on top of it for many dogs. 


  • Body composition score: A more scientific approach to identifying the body composition of your dog. There is a body composition score of dogs ranging from 1-9. Dogs who have a composition of one tend to be very thin. On the other hand, if your dog falls on 9, it must be very overweight. There are fat deposits on various parts of their body. 


It has been observed that the ideal body composition score for any dog would be 4-5. If your dog is in this bracket, it is considered to be healthy. There are these charts that are available in the market, however, if you are finding it difficult to understand the dog body composition, it would be ideal to go to a vet itself. Dog Health is very crucial to take care of.


  • Weighing scale: You can also go to the clinic and check the weight of your dog. It might be a good idea to get your dog’s weight regularly changed so you are much more aware of the differences that might occur between the appointments. 


  • Lack of stamina or interest in physical activities: If your dog is becoming overweight you will notice that they are not able to perform the activities that they could anymore. You might notice they are not as enthusiastic as they were. It might often like to lay around the couch and do nothing. Do not see it as a mood change, make sure you check if they are just becoming unhealthier. Subtle changes such as not being able to play for as long as they used to, could also be an indication of gaining more weight. 

Taking care of your dog’s health is important. There can be major issues if the problem increases such as diabetes, skin problems, canine arthritis, mobility issues and even breathing problems. Some of these diseases can be fatal. This is why if you are someone who is beginning to notice certain changes in the way your dog is moving around you can immediately work on it. 


Take care of your dog on outdoor adventures on Sunday, and play every day for a designated amount of time. This will not only keep them physically healthy but at the same time, ensure that they are mentally healthy. You can buy the cheap dog toys and make your playing sessions even more fun. This could also give you more quality time with your furry friend and keep your health in check!

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