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How To Take Care Of Geckos

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Geckos are lizards that would probably be as big as your hand. There is a huge number of species of these Geckos and are a popular kind of pet. The most common kinds of species that are kept as pets are leopard gecko, crested gecko and African fat-tailed gecko. 

Geckos live for a considerable amount of time, that is up to 15-20 years. Hence, it is a commitment you are making and once you are sure of it, you can go ahead!

Stay: Geckos can be kept in tanks which are available as the Best Reptile Supplies online. If you are choosing to get one, it is okay to do so, they can live on their own. However, if they are living with company, it would not be a good idea to have two males living in the same tank together. They do tend to fight. On the other hand, if there is a female gecko with a male gecko you should be ready for eggs that will result in.

Gecko behavior: There are various types of Geckos, their behavior can somewhat differ in some aspects. However, they also share many similar traits. Geckos are pleasant pets but they do not like to be in close contact with humans, often. It can become stressful for them.

Geckos, especially the popular species, are nocturnal, this means that they are most active at night time. Some of them can also be active during the day. Geckos are not known for making noise, but they make several kinds of sounds such as chirping, barking or clicking. This might be to establish their territory or attract a male. 

Geckos are not aggressive. However, they can fight if there are two males in the same tank. Geckos do not usually bite or harm humans.

Gecko diets: What do geckos eat? They are insectivores and eat crickets, waxworms, and mealworms. You can provide calcium supplements to them as well. They need enough water.

Housing: Geckos as mentioned can live in tanks. These enclosures should have branches inside for them to move around. Along with this, they need a hiding space, space to keep their water bowl for drinking and humidity purposes. You need to make sure that the lid of these tanks are secure. A 20 gallon aquarium might work for them. You can line the cage with a substrate, one that will absorb humidity.

Heating and lighting: As mentioned above, Geckos are nocturnal animals. Their ideal temperature is about 70 to 90 degrees. These temperatures can be achieved through heating pads and lights. You will need quality reptile lightning. However, for the nocturnal geckos, one needs lights which do not have UVB. For day time species they will need special qualities of UVB which contribute to their growth. 

Handling: There are a few very important things to keep in mind when you have Geckos as pets. Make sure that no matter what happens you do not grab them by the tail. Allow them to get comfortable with you and give them space. They would like to keep moving around the cage. 

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