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How Do Carbs Affect Your Pet's Health?

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Like humans, nutrients are required by your pet in different proportions. One of the major kinds of nutrients is carbohydrates. It is important to understand the kind of impact that these nutrients can have on your pet’s health. When you get the Best dog food for puppies , how does it impact their health?

Carbohydrates are one of the three macronutrients that are required by the body to produce energy. For dogs, carbohydrates can be found in most of their dog food present in the form of sugar, starch, or fiber. Starches and sugar provide your pets with the energy to carry out activities like running. Fiber, on the other hand, is soluble or insoluble. This focuses on the improvement of their digestive systems.

Can dogs absorb carbohydrates from dog food? Yes, they can. These carbohydrates are important for them to derive energy from and also act as binding agents in dry food for dogs.

Carbohydrates are required by your pet, not only to survive but to be able to have a healthy body. 

Is energy provided by carbohydrates different from proteins?

Yes. Carbs are simpler to break down and can provide energy to your pet. They break down carbohydrates first. Other nutrients are broken down when there are no carbohydrates for your pet’s system to break down. 

When breaking down protein, they need to first be broken down into simpler substances called peptides. These are then broken down into amino acids, further broken down into glucose which then the body can use for energy. It is a long process and requires more effort from the body. 

How do excessive carbohydrates affect your pet’s health?

Carbohydrates are important for your pet to get energy from, however, consuming excessive carbohydrates can do a variety of damage to your pet. 

Obesity or overweight: Carbohydrates in excess amounts can lead to your pet gaining weight which can result in obesity. Obesity is one of the major health concerns when it comes to pets in America. Hence, it is important to include protein in their diets as well. Avoid indulging in free-feeding a well.

Dental issues: Being canines, your dog’s teeth are designed for tearing and for grabbing food. They are not designed to crush grains. This can also destroy their dental strength. Dogs also lack enzymes that can break down carbohydrates in their mouth, hence it can get stuck in their teeth and gums. It would be smart to incorporate brushing into their routine to keep their dental hygiene in check.

Slow metabolism: The dog’s digestive system is designed in a way, it is easier for them to digest animal protein as compared to complex carbohydrates. Hence, when you feed them grains, it can be very difficult for them to digest and might result in lesser energy and absorption of nutrients. 

Digestion problems: Grains that have carbohydrates can cause digestion problems. How? A dog usually eats hurriedly, they might not chew the food properly, resulting in them experiencing digestive problems. In order to prevent this, you can make use of slow feeder bowls for dogs.

Kidney and absorption issues: For your pet to benefit from the food, they need to absorb the nutrients. Grains contain a component called phytates which prevents absorption of nutrients like calcium, zinc, and iron. To fulfill these nutritional requirements, pet parents often opt to provide these nutrients with the help of supplements.

When the digestive system is required to digest food it finds it difficult to, this can lead to taxing the kidney, hence resulting in kidney issues in older pets.

These are some of the issues that dogs might experience when fed excessive carbohydrates. It is important to get your pet’s diet verified by a vet. A dog’s nutritional needs change as they grow. Hence, you will also have to keep their diet updated based on these needs. 

Depriving them of carbohydrates can make them feel tired and cause other dietary issues as well.

A balanced diet for your pet is as important as a balanced diet for yourself. 

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