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Common Dog Fears & Phobias You Should Know About

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Having a furry friend of yours can be a lot of fun but there are times when your dog might get scared and need you to be more attentive to them and sensitive about it. Some of these fears might not go away, others might. You need to observe the behavior of your dog closely, to understand if they have other specific fears apart from the general ones. Below are the common dog phobias that you should look out for, especially when you have just gotten your dog.

Thunder: Thunderstorms and their sounds are one of the most common types of fear that dogs face. This is because they are sensitive to noise. Their hearing is much more sensitive than ours. When thunderstorms occur, naturally they change the atmosphere rapidly. There is static energy created, this can make them experience tingling. You can rub them with a dry sheet when you face these tingling issues. 

Fireworks: One of the most triggering noises that are there for dogs, is the sound of fireworks. They are loud and have scary visuals. If there are fireworks caused nearby, you need to make sure that your dog is away from it and minimize the sound as much as possible.

Being lonely: Dogs commonly experience separation anxiety. Sometimes they might be down or even bark excessively if they are feeling lonely. This can affect the dog’s health adversely as well. To help this situation, dog owners can change their behavior and spend quality time with your dog. You can get the best dog food for puppies and cheap dog toys and add an extra element to quality time.

Riding cars: There are multiple reasons why dogs fear riding in cars. They create noises and even move way too fast. This can create motion-sickness in these dogs and make them feel uncomfortable. Some dogs even have vehicle anxiety. You can train them to get desensitized to car rides and some even enjoy later on. 

Stairs: Another common fear of dogs is climbing up and down the stairs. This can be due to a lack of socialization as well. A good idea to make young puppies familiar with stairs. You can also turn it into a game to climb up and down so that it is fun for your dog as well. Other dogs might be scared of using the stairs due to issues such as arthritis. 

The vet: Like some kids, dogs are also scared of their doctors. These clinics are full of stimulating sounds such as drilling and so on. There are also strange people all around and different kinds of smells. This can become too much for your dog and create anxiety in them. 

Dogs can also be terrified of strangers around. This is because this can overstimulate them. However, if your dog has fear of specific people you might want to look deeper into it, otherwise they will get comfortable later on. They can also fear specific objects such as vacuum cleaners that make noises or holiday decorations. 

When your dog is young, you can make them comfortable with some of these aspects such as taking your dog for non-medical visits when going to the vet, this can make them think going to the vet is a happy visit. This can make your job easy as they grow up. Dogs tend to show more resistance once they grow, hence when they are young, familiarizing them can make them more comfortable and less afraid. 

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