Introducing Fruitables Dog Treats For A Tail-Wagging Snack Time

Introducing Fruitables Dog Treats For A Tail-Wagging Snack Time!

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Are you a dog parent struggling to find healthy and tasty treats for your pet? Or are you confused about choosing the best among ordinary treats for your kitty? You might be damaging your pet’s health without even knowing it. Wondering how? Check out the data! The famous 2007 pet food recalls involved more than 100 pet morbidities and nearly 500 cases of kidney failure. This was due to the contamination of pet food with melamine, a dangerous chemical (Source: Wikipedia). Picture this: you are serving your fur baby a dish full of natural fruits, vegetables, and other real foods! On top of that, it is super delicious. Isn’t it intriguing? How safe they are for them? Again a thing to ponder for you. So, to overcome this, there are these nutritious and tasty dog treats that stand out in the line of paw treats -


Wait, that’s not all! Fruitables best soft dog treats and snacks are low in calories. Their nutritious value is endless. Nevertheless, these treats are definitely a game-changer when it comes to feeding your fluffy darlings!! 

What Makes Fruitables So Special? 

Fruitables are the perfect treat for dogs and cats of all sizes, and all dietary needs. The brand is committed to quality ingredients and balanced nutrition. Some features of Fruitables dog treats are: 

  • Variety 

Fruitables dog treats ingredients contain various varieties, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, and meat.

  • Picky pet 

Is your dog selective when it comes to eating? Then, these crunchy dog treats recipes are delicious enough to solve the problem. How? By leaving them purring afterward!  

  • Care 

Great attention goes into preparing each delicacy that resonates with paw-love!  

  • Vitamins  

This brand recognizes the importance of vitamins. Fruitables superfoods carry the benefits of prominent vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that make them perfect for raising healthy pets. For example, vitamin E reduces inflammation in cats, and vitamin C-rich soft dog treats improve immunity in four-legged companions. No doubt, the list is endless! 

  • Safe  

Whether crunchy dog treats or fruitables spreads, these treats are free from ingredients like Xylitol or Palm Oil that can make your dog sick. This ensures only the finest for your furry angels. 

  • Naturals 

Fruitables soft dog treats, crunchy dog treats and Spreads contain human-grade ingredients like real nuts and fruits, which makes the texture quite creamy and crunchy and taste 100% natural.  

Looking into some of the features, let’s now check into some of the benefits of Fruitables. 

Matchless Benefits of Fruitables

Fruitables offer more than just standard nourishment. Their blend of ingredients satisfies the cravings of your pet as well as other benefits. Some of the benefits of Fruitables are listed as follows: 

  • Baking  

You can bake dog spreads into cookies. When frozen, they can also serve as ice cream. Interesting, huh? 

  • GI issues & weight loss  

Food toppings for dogs are digestive supplements. They also aid in weight loss by providing low-calorie and high-fiber. This improves satiety and keeps a check on gastrointestinal issues. 

  • Limited ingredients  

Fruitables dog treats or cat treats have a simple ingredient base. They are free from animal by-products, wheat, corn, and soy. They don’t contain artificial colors or flavors. Each treat offers only 1.25 calories. Thus, keeping calories under check and weight under control. 

  • Longevity  

Fruitables superfoods boast plenty of vitamins. Vitamins enhance dogs' immune function, bone health, energy metabolism, and skin maintenance. This helps your dog live a healthier and fitter life, leading to a longer life.  

Commitment To Health

The big treat brand Fruitables is more into the health and safety of your pet. Committed to pet weight control and a healthy body, it brings in the CalorieSmart range. This complete range represents a unique approach to pet wellness with a limited calorie intake, which was innovated by John Bauer, the founder of Fruitables. 

Fruitables soft treats for dogs and cats have the natural benefits of nature’s gifts of fruits and vegetables. This creates a balance of taste, calorie control, and fullness in your pet’s treats and meal toppers. Your pets will fall in love with such tasty and savory treaty treats! 

In a pocket shell, 

Fruitables is here to reinvent snack time for your furry companions. What makes Fruitables a special brand is the natural ingredients blended into tasty snacks. So, continue for healthy petting with healthy Fruitables treats and snacks! 


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