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Hard Chew Treats vs Soft Chew: How To Choose The Right Treats

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Treating your pets is part of training them, and sometimes just because they are good boys! But giving them the wrong treats or overfeeding them can risk their health as well. But do not worry, we are here to help you choose the right treats for your pet.

What are hard or soft chew treats?

Hard chew treats as the name suggests that are harder to chew and take more time to eat. They are also known as slow-eating treats. They take a lot of time to consume. This means that your dog can keep on chewing this treat for a long period. A good hard chew treat is hard, however, softens in some time and does not contribute to breaking the tooth of your pet. If the hard chew treat is very thick, chances are it is a bad quality treat. 

Soft chew treats on the other hand are quicker to eat and are for times when your pet requires instant gratification. It can also be mainly used for training activities when you need them to stay interested in your activities. You can get the best soft dog chew treats online. A variety of sizes are available for soft chew treats which can be useful for different activities. 

How to decide? 

Function: The important thing is to understand that both hard and soft chew treats provide different functions. Hard chew treats as mentioned above, can be more useful for tasks where you require more from them. This means that if you need them to behave for a long period, it will make more sense to go for hard chew treats. 

When it comes to soft chew treats, they can be more useful when you want to hold the attention of your pet when teaching them tricks. It can also be useful to use soft chew treats when you want to redirect positive behavior in your pet. This means that if you want to encourage certain behavior, you can treat them with these soft chew treats for instant gratification. 

Health benefits: Both of the types of treats have their benefits. As mentioned in the Dental Care guide blog, your pet needs to brush regularly to maintain dental hygiene. However, it can be difficult to be regular with crushing which is why it can be useful to give your pet hard chew treats. These help in getting rid of plaque, maintaining the good breath, and also strengthen their gums. Hard chew treats can be beneficial for their dental health.

Small chew treats, on the other hand, can provide your pets with the necessary nutrients. You can get treats that are rich in protein, and less fat. This will keep their weight in check and help them with training. These can also be useful for your puppies when they are barely starting teething. 

Both of these types of treats can be immensely useful for you as a pet owner. Deciding which one is well suited for you can be based on factors such as situations, age of your dog, their health requirements, stage of training to name a few. However, it is important to understand that the quality of the treats you feed your pet should be good. Bad quality treats can do more harm than good. You can buy the best soft chew treats and hard chew treats online or from stores.

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