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7 Foods Your Cat Should Stay Away and Get Cat Premium Food

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Feeding your pet the right food is extremely important but it can get confusing when there is a lot of information and options in the market. Feeding your pet a balanced diet, cat premium food and including protein is important. But there are a few food items your cat should stay away from! 

  1. Milk and Dairy products: Contrary to popular belief feeding your cat milk might not be a good idea. As they age, they tend to become lactose intolerant which will make it hard for them to digest milk. Even kittens should not be fed cow milk. Instead, if the mother is not available, feed them kitten-specific milk. 
  2. Chocolate: Chocolates are loved by most people, however for animals whether dogs or cats; it is advised not to feed them chocolates. These contain theobromine and caffeine which can turn out to be toxic for your cat. The symptoms they will experience will depend on the amount and type of chocolate consumed. These can cause serious issues for your cat such as:
    • Vomiting and Diarrhea
    • Increase in body temperature
    • Increase in heart rate
    • It can even lead to seizures
    Raw dough on the other hand can cause an expansion in their stomachs. This can even create alcohol in their stomach. If you fear that your cat has consumed alcohol in any form, contact your vet immediately.
      1. Dog food: If you have both a dog and a cat as pets at home, chances are your cat might occasionally share dog food. While it is okay for your cat to sometimes have it, it can lead to malnutrition in cats. The nutrition requirements of a dog and a cat differ. Cats require vitamin A, arachidonic acid, etc. These are not available in dog food. There are Dry cat food options available online.
      2. Grapes and Raisins: Grapes or raisins can be harmful to your cats even when consumed a little. This can even lead to kidney failure. If your cat has consumed grapes or raisins, you might notice them vomiting after some time. Hyperactivity is another effect of consuming grapes. Avoid keeping grapes or raisins close to your pet’s reach.
      3. Onion and Garlic: Foods of the allium family such as onion and garlic can cause anemia in cats. These consumed in any form can harm the blood cells of your cat. This can also cause vomiting, nausea, and abdominal pain. 
      4. Tuna: Another common occurrence in cartoons is that cats love tuna and can eat it as much as you give them. While you can feed them tuna, a tuna heavy diet could prove to have adverse effects on the cat. Tuna does not fulfill all its nutritional requirements and raw tuna should be avoided at all costs.

        Cats are curious creatures and might want to taste most things in their sight. It is best to keep all of these foods out of their reach. Whenever you go out or travel with your pet, make sure they are aware of what not to feed. If you have a pet sitter, ensure they have the right dry cat food.

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